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Snowbirding, Cottage Style

By Jane Cassie on Oct 1, 2015

Where can you book a beautiful 400-square-foot fully-equipped holiday cottage that's close to languid pools, awesome activities and ongoing entertainment for a fraction of the price of a comparable hotel stay? Read more...

First-Time Snowbirds

By Janet McMaster on Oct 1, 2015

While we enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, we decided to take winter mostly out of the picture the year Tom retired by renting a condo in Mesa, Arizona for 10 weeks. Read more...

Paradise Afloat

By Cherie Thiessen on Oct 1, 2015

Between Vancouver Island and the Mainland, at the northern reach of Georgia Strait, at the confluence of Malaspina Inlet and Homfray Channel, lies this paradise, ironically monikered Desolation Sound Park. Read more...

On a Roll through Puglia

By Cherie Thiessen on Sep 1, 2015

At the heel in Italy’s stylish boot is the Salento Peninsula. Part of Salento’s southeastern area consists of the region of Puglia, an area of historic towns, olive groves, fields, broad plains, vineyards and low lying hills. Read more...


By Kate Robertson on Jun 1, 2015

Despite Columbia's tainted reputation - or perhaps because of it - she remains one of the few lightly treaded destinations for travellers. For now. Read more...

Irish Surprise

By John Harris on Jun 1, 2015

Deborra Hope unpacks her recent trip to Ireland and looks forward to the next Senior Living/Colette Travel experience on the Legendary Waterways of Europe. Read more...

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