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The Sounds of Georgian Bay

By Alan Luke & Jacquie Durand on Apr 1, 2016

The short chirping whistles of osprey and the tremulous wails of the loons echo over the rippling water as motoring boats and humming sea planes permeate the sounds of nature. These sounds abound on the bay yet the key Sounds of Georgian Bay are the waterfront communities of Parry Sound and Owen Sound. Read more...

Carvers of the Cooks

By Jane Cassie on Mar 1, 2016

The 15 fabled Cook Islands sprinkle over two million kilometres of sapphire South Pacific, and though just west of Tahiti and south of Hawaii, they are idyllically removed from any commercialized bustle. Read more...

Norway: Green & Serene

By Alan Luke & Jacquie Durand on Jan 1, 2016

One century ago, Roald Amundsen completed his journey through the Northwest Passage. Several years prior, fellow Norwegian Richard With, initiated a coastal steamer cruise along the country’s shoreline. Today, the Hurtigruten (derived from “hurtigrute” meaning “fast route”) cruise line plies plenty of the pristine passages. Read more...

A Place to Call Home

By John Harris on Jan 1, 2016

We were both 65, in good health and had experience working from home. The cloud of my “job change” had a silver lining – I no longer had to commute to work. We began to search housing markets outside of Vancouver. Although I was researching an article on Nanaimo, it wasn’t actually on our radar as a place to live. Read more...

Dutch Treat

By John Thomson on Dec 1, 2015

We had decided to treat ourselves to a two-day layover between Spain and Canada and because it was a spontaneous decision, we hit Amsterdam without consulting the guidebooks, travelling rough, you might say, and learning about the city on the fly. Here is our list of DOs and DON’Ts for travellers with a limited amount of time at their disposal. Read more...

Building an Orphanage in Tanzania

By Ally Tammemagi on Nov 1, 2015

Several months ago, I decided to take a holiday that eschewed hedonism and let me make a difference while also learning about an exotic part of the world. Together with a friend, Judy, from Oakville, Ontario, I signed up for a 17-day voluntourism trip. Read more...

Passionate About Provence

By Jane Cassie on Nov 1, 2015

Castle ruins, quaint townships, country fields, rich with lavender and poppies. Boasting colourful landscapes and intriguing history, beloved Provence, in south-eastern France, has been inspiring writers (and artists) for centuries. Read more...

Snowbirding, Cottage Style

By Jane Cassie on Oct 1, 2015

Where can you book a beautiful 400-square-foot fully-equipped holiday cottage that's close to languid pools, awesome activities and ongoing entertainment for a fraction of the price of a comparable hotel stay? Read more...

First-Time Snowbirds

By Janet McMaster on Oct 1, 2015

While we enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, we decided to take winter mostly out of the picture the year Tom retired by renting a condo in Mesa, Arizona for 10 weeks. Read more...

Paradise Afloat

By Cherie Thiessen on Oct 1, 2015

Between Vancouver Island and the Mainland, at the northern reach of Georgia Strait, at the confluence of Malaspina Inlet and Homfray Channel, lies this paradise, ironically monikered Desolation Sound Park. Read more...

On a Roll through Puglia

By Cherie Thiessen on Sep 1, 2015

At the heel in Italy’s stylish boot is the Salento Peninsula. Part of Salento’s southeastern area consists of the region of Puglia, an area of historic towns, olive groves, fields, broad plains, vineyards and low lying hills. Read more...

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