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A Taste of China

By Dee Walmsley on Nov 1, 2010

Most westerners were given a glimpse of Beijing's unique architecture during the Olympics; the bird's nest and water cube are the most architecturally stunning and technically engineered permanent structures that remain. Read more...

Go On, Take a Bite

By Enise Olding on Nov 1, 2010

Everybody has been to New York, if not in person, then by way of TV, movies or music, and images of the action, people and scenery are familiar. Just hearing the words the Bronx, Yankees, Central Park, UN, 5th Avenue and Ground Zero transports us to the centre of The Big Apple. Read more...

Riding the Rails

By George Zador on Aug 26, 2010

Travel by train across the continent was always on our "bucket list" and when the invitation came for a long overdue family visit to Ottawa, my wife and I thought it was a great opportunity to fly there and take the train back. Why not see if "getting there is half the fun?" Read more...

To Hell and Back

By Dee Walmsley on Jul 5, 2010

If you haven't been Hell's Gate, it is well worth the two-and-a-half-hour drive from Vancouver. Pack up the picnic basket, grandchildren and, yes, even the dog for a good day's outing full of fun for the kids and breathtaking scenery for the young at heart. Read more...

Trust Your Body

By Marylee Stephenson on Jul 5, 2010

At a reasonably healthy 66, I journey accompanied with enough money to avoid worry, with friends I know, and with guides, cars and boats that are dedicated to helping me make the best use of my time - in comfort. Read more...

Mostly Gentle Footsteps

By Kevin McKay on Jul 5, 2010

On July 1, while millions of Canadians celebrated Canada Day with picnics and backyard barbecues, Irene Butler and her husband Rick ventured out into the world on a journey that would have them visit 12 countries in 12 months. Read more...

Courageous & Outrageous - Car Shopping

By Pat Nichol on Jul 5, 2010

The second most expensive item people purchase, next only to our homes, is a car. For many, a vehicle is an extension of their personality. Not an item to be purchased indiscriminately, it is something we will (hopefully) keep for a while. Read more...

Three Seafaring Ladies and a Boat

By Judee Fong on Jul 5, 2010

Cathy Harris had often thought about circumnavigating Vancouver Island by boat. Last summer, over a glass of wine with fellow sailors Alison Kershaw and Margaret Thomson, she casually announced, "I'm thinking of sailing around Vancouver Island. Do either of you fancy joining me?" Read more...

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