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Vacation Scams

Vacation scams and travel-related frauds cost consumers tens of billions of dollars every year. As it is with many industries, scam artists are unscrupulous when it comes to ripping people off and upsetting travellers' holiday dreams. Read more...

RVing the Rideau

By Jane Cassie on May 4, 2011

What comes to mind when you hear Rideau Canal: a gem-like waterway flowing between the cities of Kingston and Ottawa or a Canadian story featuring ambition, struggle and success? Maybe thoughts of its honourable designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site or the world's longest skating rink come to mind. Read more...

Ski Spring Break for Boomers

By Jane Cassie on Mar 1, 2011

It's Spring Break 1971, and I'm flying down The Cut, a popular slope on Vancouver's Grouse Mountain. The conditions are ski-sational: soft base, unlimited visibility and sunny skies. Read more...

Keep on Trekking

By Dee Walmsley on Jan 1, 2011

Not all pole walkers are Scandinavian. In our group of happy wanderers, there is a retired Blue Bomber defenceman, a neurologist, some pensioned teachers, nurses, artists and a few who are still walking towards their gold card. Read more...


By Elizabeth Godley on Jan 1, 2011

A tiny gecko, sunning itself on a sandstone outcrop bordered by towering banksia and eucalyptus trees, skittered off at the sound of our footsteps, seeking shelter among fallen leaves and lichen-encrusted rocks. Read more...

A Multitude of Chocolate - Oaxaca

By Dorothy Shamah on Dec 1, 2010

When retirement is on the horizon, many of us seek adventure that transcends the emptiness of unexpected freedom. When I turned 62, ready to begin the third stage of my life, I sought a travel destination far from home. Oaxaca, Mexico beckoned. Read more...

Budget Travel = Rich Experience

By Polly Tafrate on Nov 30, 2010

My husband and I received an invitation to a family wedding - an "April in Paris" affair. Of course, we wanted to go, but could we afford it? We had enough frequent flyer miles for a round trip flight, but the staggering accommodation prices had us stumped. Read more...

36 Hours in Ottawa

By Jane Cassie on Nov 30, 2010

In Canada's capital, our governing nexus, the centre of parliament, the Maple Leaf flaps proudly from many a flagpole. But if you think this vibrant city is all about pageantry and politics, you may want to take another look. Read more...

A Taste of China

By Dee Walmsley on Nov 1, 2010

Most westerners were given a glimpse of Beijing's unique architecture during the Olympics; the bird's nest and water cube are the most architecturally stunning and technically engineered permanent structures that remain. Read more...

Go On, Take a Bite

By Enise Olding on Nov 1, 2010

Everybody has been to New York, if not in person, then by way of TV, movies or music, and images of the action, people and scenery are familiar. Just hearing the words the Bronx, Yankees, Central Park, UN, 5th Avenue and Ground Zero transports us to the centre of The Big Apple. Read more...

Riding the Rails

By George Zador on Aug 26, 2010

Travel by train across the continent was always on our "bucket list" and when the invitation came for a long overdue family visit to Ottawa, my wife and I thought it was a great opportunity to fly there and take the train back. Why not see if "getting there is half the fun?" Read more...

To Hell and Back

By Dee Walmsley on Jul 5, 2010

If you haven't been Hell's Gate, it is well worth the two-and-a-half-hour drive from Vancouver. Pack up the picnic basket, grandchildren and, yes, even the dog for a good day's outing full of fun for the kids and breathtaking scenery for the young at heart. Read more...

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