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Golden Getaway in the Cariboo

By Elizabeth Godley on Jun 28, 2011

We're visiting Scout Island, the nature sanctuary near the town of Williams Lake, a favourite haunt for many bird species, including hummingbirds, wood ducks, ospreys, yellow-headed blackbirds, flycatchers, woodpeckers, yellow warblers and blue herons. Read more...

Travel: It's Good For You!

By Dawn Rueckl on Jun 28, 2011

Saint Augustine once said, "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." Seniors dedicated to a lifestyle of continued learning, personal health and general well-being are definitely not content to stay on the same page. Read more...

A Town Lost in Time

By W. Ruth Kozak on Jun 28, 2011

Port Townsend is a town caught in a time warp. As I drive off the ferry from Whidbey Island, I feel as though I'm taking a giant step back into the past. Read more...

On the Road Again

By Dee Walmsley on Jun 28, 2011

It's June, the bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming and we're making good time as we speed along the empty road free for now from the usual glut of campers. Read more...

Soaking in Adventure

By Chris and Rick Millikan on Jun 28, 2011

During the mid-1800s, 61-kilometre-long Harrison Lake was part of the main route to the Cariboo goldfields. Falling from a canoe, a prospector expecting frigid waters discovered a future hotspot instead: Harrison Hot Springs! Read more...

Merrily, We eBay Along

By Bill Besser on Jun 1, 2011

Oh, to be a vagabond. To drop everything at a moment's notice, set sails to catch the prevailing whims, off into adventure. A traveller's life, that's the life for me. Read more...

R&R on Hawaii Island

By Jane Cassie on Jun 1, 2011

What types of R&R come to mind when you think of Hawaii Island? Relaxing on beaches, rolling in the surf, revitalizing at a spa? How about riding the range? Read more...

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