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Barbara Risto is the founder and publisher of INSPIRED Senior Living magazine and creator of all its subsidiary events and media products. Barbara has over 20 years experience in the publishing industry and a variety of experience garnered through working with non-profit boards and advocating on behalf of people with disabilities. 


"Creating and stewarding a magazine that profiles the lives of people over the age of 55 is a responsibility that continues to challenge and excite me.  One of the reasons it has such significance for me is that I view it as the prelude to the next chapter in my own life. 

I'm continually inspired by the extraordinary people that appear within the pages of INSPIRED Senior Living. They set the bar high, and that's just where it should be. I don't believe we should accept that being older means being lesser. Age should not diminish us, it should make us highly sought after for our wisdom, intelligence, experience, vitality, tenacity and perseverance. We should be proud of our achievements and eager to tackle the next challenge down the road.

I often feel we are pioneers on the leading edge of time. Never in history have we seen such an amassing of people between the ages of 55 - 75.  And never before has that segment of the population had so many opportunities and options to choose from. I believe INSPIRED Senior Living is a platform for the spreading of a powerful message -- that we are amazing people living in an extraordinary era where anything is possible.

In INSPIRED Senior Living, we tell the stories of people who, despite their age, are living life to the fullest. They are on full throttle, moving ahead and challenging themselves in new ways. They are re-inventing themselves, exploring new passions and expanding their interests, refusing to throw in the towel. Many of the people I talk to have taken the word "retirement" out of their vocabulary. Instead, they are making plans to be active, purpose-driven individuals as long as their bodies hold up...or, as one person bluntly said, "...until they throw dirt in my face".  With today's active lifestyle options, combined with healthy eating and medical advancements, we have a better chance than ever of living a century. 

We love profiling people who are successful, adventurous, and discovering meaning in what they do, not just going through the motions. I want people to pick up INSPIRED Senior Living and instead of saying, 'Oh, that's just a senior magazine," say "Hey, I want to be like that person".  Our magazine isn't about being 'senior'...it's about being 'amazing'. We have such an opportunity to be role models for those around us. I say we take the challenge and make like we have something to prove. Because we do, and we can.

I aspire to be one of those people who isn't willing to settle for the status quo, but always reaching for the next adventure or opportunity. That's why I love publishing INSPIRED Senior Living. We are writing about people who are my heroes, who are setting an example, showing us what's possible if we set our minds to it.  

I hope you'll become as much a fan of INSPIRED Senior Living as I am. I hope that someone you read about will inspire YOU to be a person that inspires others.  That's where the 'magic' happens. Rarely do I read through a copy of our magazine without getting goosebumps at least once. Every story tells me that anything is possible... there are no limits except those you set.  So take your foot off the brake... because life from one end to the other can be the adventure of your life. In fact, it IS the adventure of your life. Make it count."


Bobbie Jo Reid has been involved with Senior Living from its inception, first as a volunteer reporter, then as a part time assistant editor, and finally taking on the role of managing editor in January 2005. Her dedication and skill ensures a quality publication month after month. She manages a large group of freelance contributors, both editorial and photographic.

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Office Manager | Accounts Receivable

Shayna Horne began working for Senior Living part time while she was still in high school. Soon after entering the workforce full time, she was hired by Senior Living as Receptionist.  It quickly became evident that Shayna had a lot more skills to bring to the table than were first evident. She is now the Office Manager and is in charge of bookkeeping, accounts receivable, classifieds, book sales, subscriptions, computer data entry, distribution, web content management and a host of other tasks that make up the operational core of Senior Living.

“When I first began working for INSPIRED Senior Living I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. I was young, unmotivated and uncertain about my future. As I learned more about the business and its owners, I came to understand the importance of what the company was bringing to the community and the importance of my role within the company.

With every new issue I’m reminded that growing older does not mean slowing down, it means exploring new avenues and having the ability and the experience to be true to you.  It means trying new things that seemed too risky as a younger, inexperienced person. It means having the wisdom to say, “There is no better time than now” and the experience to know how to follow through with it.

As a young woman I know I am still learning and growing; that my experiences are coming together to create the woman I will be.  I look forward to the day when I can say I am a Senior, when I am amongst the peers of all these amazing people that I read about and meet every day that I work for this magazine. 

It is a truly inspiring experience to work for a company that believes so absolutely in the importance and value of the demographic it exists to serve.”

Marketing Consultant

Kathie Wagner

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