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Surprising Statistics about Seniors

By Dr. Diane J. Salter on Feb 3, 2017

Have you heard about the "Silver Tsunami"? Do you believe dementia is an inevitable part of getting older? Do you think that moving to residential care is inevitable? These and other misconceptions about seniors were debunked by Isobel Mackenzie, BC’s provincial Seniors advocate. Read more...

Off to Great Places

By Kate Robertson on Feb 2, 2017

Most people consider moving house one of their least favourite things to do. Not so for Nell Plotnikoff, who made a move last year from Nelson to Maple Ridge. Read more...

The Advocate

By Gery Lemon on Aug 2, 2016

British Columbia seniors got a champion in their corner in 2014 when the government named Mackenzie as BC’s – and Canada’s – first Seniors Advocate. Read more...

Good Posture for Good Health

By Eve Lees on Feb 1, 2016

Poor posture, however, can create health problems. It can impede breathing, blood circulation, digestion, organ functions and overall alertness. Here are a few tips to help you practice good posture. Read more...

Getting More ZZZs

By Elizabeth Godley on Dec 1, 2015

Studies have shown sleep is important for learning and memory, and the sleep-deprived brain does not consolidate new learning as well, resulting in memory impairment. The good news is that we can improve our sleep. Read more...

Caring from a Distance

By Wendy Johnstone on Oct 1, 2015

Distance caregiving is quite the ride - guilt for not doing enough or for not being there, sadness in accepting the toll a disease can take, anxiety of frequent and unpredictable travel and fear of the unknown. Read more...

Choosing Your Landscape

By Shell Busey on May 1, 2015

Trees can serve numerous landscape functions including beautification, adding privacy, reducing traffic noise, providing shade and energy conservation. Spring is the best time of year to transplant trees and shrubs, while they are dormant. Read more...

Street Smart Your Exercise

By Eve Lees on Mar 2, 2015

If you walk or run outdoors regularly, no doubt you cherish the feeling of well-being the activity gives you. Unfortunately, attacks against runners (particularly females) do occur. Read more...

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