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A Paradise for Snowbirds

By Jane Cassie on Oct 2, 2017

Welcome Home! The inviting greeting spans the sandstone archway to the entrance of Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort, a man-made oasis in the city of Casa Grande, Arizona. Read more...

What to Wear to Your Holiday Party

By Callie Martin on Dec 1, 2016

The holiday season is stressful enough. Fortunately, there’s no need to stress over what you’re going to wear to your amazing party because whether it’s a casual family get-together or a formal work function, we’ve got you covered. Read more...

Snowbirding, Cottage Style

By Jane Cassie on Oct 1, 2015

Where can you book a beautiful 400-square-foot fully-equipped holiday cottage that's close to languid pools, awesome activities and ongoing entertainment for a fraction of the price of a comparable hotel stay? Read more...

First-Time Snowbirds

By Janet McMaster on Oct 1, 2015

While we enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, we decided to take winter mostly out of the picture the year Tom retired by renting a condo in Mesa, Arizona for 10 weeks. Read more...

Winter: Snow Bunny vs Sunny Bunny

By Capitola on Dec 9, 2013

“Grandma, you are a sunny bunny: Papa and I are snow bunnies” It is with honour that I accepted this title from my grandson. I am indeed a sunny bunny. Born in tropics where the weather is mostly sunshine and rain which does not last. They were showers, some heavy downpours but then it was back to the sunshine. You could count on it. Read more...

The Conundrum of Christmas When you Live Alone

By Marie Bruce on Dec 9, 2013

It is now early December and Christmas is approaching fast. The malls are decorated – Santa is installed and Jingle Bells are ringing. This has a very unsettling effect on me because for the first time in my life I am on my own this year. It is hard not to feel sorry for myself and I find myself harking back to Christmases past when I was part of a very large family and later on when I ran my own show with my husband and children. Where did all those year go, it was beyond my comprehension back then to think I might be alone one day at Christmas. Read more...

Not for Christmas!

By Capitola on Dec 9, 2013

New to the country and to estate life in the late 1960's on a sugar estate in Guyana, Ann was welcomed by the local staff. People were friendly and as warm at the tropical sun. Bob, her husband, had accepted the job on a sugar estate owned and operated by Booker Bros, an English company. Read more...

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