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We invite you to make use of our Marketing Resource Centre. Here you will find helpful information about marketing successfully to seniors, senior buying trends, what sets magazines apart from other forms of media, how to create more effective print advertisements, and much more.

PDF - BC Statistics of 65+ population 1971 - 2031


Magazine Advertising 

Why Magazines Touch Readers Like No Other Media

Magazines are Business Builders - Part 1

Magazines are Business Builders - Part 2

Why Print Should Always Be Part of Your Marketing Mix

Magazine Effectiveness

The Importance of Frequency When Advertising


Marketing Support for Advertisers

One of our goals is to help businesses effectively market to the senior consumer. Senior Living advertisers can benefit from the lessons, tips and strategies we have taken years to learn.

Learn what motivates a senior to buy, how to deliver your message  to seniors in the most effective way possible, how to make your business or sales process senior-friendly, how to motivate a senior to try a new product, how to sell based on features not price, how to develop trust with your senior customers, how to use word of mouth effectively, what kind of products and services are being sought by seniors, what kinds of imagery or messaging attracts seniors and what repels them, the reasons why testimonials work so well with seniors, how certain adaptations to your store can enhance your senior customer's experience, and much more.  Ask your sales rep for any of the following articles.


5 Steps to Senior-Friendly Marketing
- tips to help businesses improve their marketing message, printed materials, website, office or store, and their interaction with seniors.

Create A Compelling Ad in 7 Steps



Senior Buying Trends

Companies Scramble to Change as Baby Boomers Age

Trendsetting Seniors?

The Buying Power of Senior Women in Fashion and Beauty

Seniors and the Health and Fitness Market

Why Seniors Buy Aging in Place Products and Services

Why Seniors Choose Retirement Housing

Why Today's Seniors Are Buying Real Estate

How Senior Buyers Affect Various Industries


Senior Living Readership - Survey Results

We periodically canvas our readers to get their opinions on topics of interest to us and our advertisers. In the process we learn a lot about their wants and needs, as well as their buying criteria. We are happy to share the survey results with our advertisers to assist them in understanding their customers better.

Fashion and Beauty Survey Results - 2012

Travel Survey Results - 2012

Housing Survey Results - 2012

Health & Wellness Survey Results - 2012

Charity Survey Results - 2012


Effective Print Advertising

What Makes An Effective Print Ad (Part 1)

What Makes An Effective Print Ad (Part 2)

Writing Effective Ad Copy

The Power of Your Client's Voice

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Print Campaign?



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