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A Family's Journey Home

By Jo-Ann Zador on Feb 29, 2012

Always with anticipation, we often return to Budapest to visit my husband’s birthplace. But this year’s visit was even more special; some of our adult children and two young grandchildren made the trip with us. Read more...

Exploring Banderas Bay

By Enise Olding on Feb 1, 2012

Three tiny sea turtle hatchlings clustered on the end of a flip-flop are carefully transported by an anxious tourist to calmer water beyond the buffeting surf that had kept the newborns stranded on the beach. Read more...

Dragon Power

By Margaret Growcott on Jan 3, 2012

Donna James of Port Alberni had a lifelong fear of water after nearly drowning as a child. Today, she spends much of her time on a huge lake, paddling a dragon boat. Read more...

Zumba with Zest

By Bev Yaworski on Dec 31, 2011

Instead of the usual boring and uninspiring personal fitness program, add some zest to a workout regime. Zumba Gold - the fitness craze sweeping the globe - might just fit the bill. It’s a chance to shake those shoulders, roll those hips, and feel the beat while turning fitness into a fun experience. Read more...

Looking For Trouble

By Julie H. Ferguson on Dec 31, 2011

“I’m forever looking for trouble to see if I can get out of it!” Anthony Dalton chuckles. “So far, I have avoided the worst outcome, but I’ve had close calls with baboons, elephant seals and Royal Bengal tigers, to name a few. And I almost died alone in the Arctic.” Read more...

Running Up New Times for Seniors

By Jean Sorenson on Dec 31, 2011

Betty Jean “BJ” McHugh challenges today’s concept of aging and the elderly. The 84-year-old North Vancouver running legend, dubbed the fastest senior in the world, has just finished the James Cunningham Seawall 9.5-kilometre road race clocking in at 62 minutes. Read more...

Captivating Kyiv

By Irene Butler on Dec 31, 2011

My great-great-grandmother was born in a village near Kyiv, and although ties to our family line in Ukraine have long been lost, I feel the tug of my ancestral roots as I step onto Kyiv soil. Read more...

Taking the Stairs Improves Your Mind

By Don Lester on Dec 31, 2011

Significant research indicates that physical activity is beneficial for good mental health. Simply improving circulation can have a huge impact on the brain. Many people think staying mentally fit has little to do with physical exercise. Not true. In fact, physical activity can help improve one’s mood, ability to cope and general well-being. Read more...

Fit Body, Fit Mind?

By Gipp Forster on Dec 31, 2011

What happened to the mother who would not allow her children to leave the dinner table before they finished their vegetables? What happened to the dinner table? What happened to vegetables at mealtime? Read more...

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