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Know When to Hold'Em

By William Chiu on Nov 6, 2017

Peter Brown: respected lawyer, family man, mental health educator, disability advocator and gym-rat. Quite a legacy, but Peter wants to make a lasting impression before the party is over. Read more...

The Job of Volunteering

By Bill Levine on Apr 18, 2017

Retiring would be okay because I could concentrate my energies on the gung-ho effort needed to secure a great volunteering opening. I wanted to make up for my community service gap. Read more...

Walking the Talk

By Kristi Dobson on Nov 1, 2016

Robin began a career in which she could help others reach their own personal financial wealth. For her, though, personal wealth also means an investment in time spent volunteering, fundraising and giving back. Read more...

Realizing Philanthropic Goals through Smart Giving

By Sandra Dow on Nov 1, 2016

It doesn’t take great wealth to make an impact. While large donations that can merit a donor’s name on a hospital wing or school program are impressive – and, admittedly, extremely powerful – it is the modest generosity of most Canadians that quietly carries charitable giving forward in Canada. Read more...

Filling the Gap

By Diane Madson on Nov 1, 2016

University of Victoria's CanAssist came to my attention in May. I was intrigued by the concept of an organization functioning within a university in order to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities. Read more...

Be a the Life of a Child

Be A Hero is a humanitarian organization which works internationally to raise awareness and advocate for children who are “at risk” due to poverty, child labour, homelessness, sexual exploitation and trafficking, AIDS and war. Read more...

Building an Orphanage in Tanzania

By Ally Tammemagi on Nov 1, 2015

Several months ago, I decided to take a holiday that eschewed hedonism and let me make a difference while also learning about an exotic part of the world. Together with a friend, Judy, from Oakville, Ontario, I signed up for a 17-day voluntourism trip. Read more...

The Chief Reindeer

By Karoline Cullen on Nov 1, 2015

Operation Red Nose (ORN) is widely supported in communities across Canada and in several European countries. It began in 1984 in Quebec City as a fundraiser for Laval University’s swim team. Read more...

Empowering People

By Bev Yaworski on Nov 1, 2015

According to The Arthritis Society, about 4.6 million Canadians are living with arthritis. There are over 100 different types of arthritis and the disease affects people of every age, from every walk of life Read more...

Giving the Gift of a Lifetime

Royal Columbian Hospital is one of B.C.’s busiest hospitals, serving one in three British Columbians. We are a provincially designated hospital for cardiac, trauma, neurosciences, high-risk maternity and neonatal intensive care. To find out how your legacy gift can make a difference, please contact Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation. Read more...

Sierra Club BC

Sierra Club BC is B.C.’s oldest environmental charity. Since 1969, it has protected areas of ecological significance. Read more...

Going Green

By Royal Oak Burial Park on May 4, 2015

Many people who spend their lives being mindful of their environmental impact wish to leave the world as they have tried to live in it. While death can be a difficult subject, keeping ethical beliefs and environmental convictions in mind while tending to end-of-life arrangements can create a meaningful send-off. Read more...

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