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Senior Living is not only one of the most wide read publications in British Columbia, we have a variety of other highly effective and targeted forms of media to offer our audience.

  • Monthly Magazine distributed in BC to about 800 locations
  • Monthly eNewsletters to Businesses and Readers
  • Online Radio and Audio Interviews
  • Online Housing Directory
  • Online Business Directory
  • Online Web Banner Ads
  • Annual Senior Expo in Victoria BC
  • Annual 55+ Lifestyle Show in Vancouver BC
For current rates, ad sizes, and editorial calendar, please contact your sales representative.

Senior Living Magazine

Senior Living Magazine is an inspirational monthly lifestyle publication that brings businesses face to face with readers wanting their products or services. It is a quality, well designed, well written magazine that seniors absolutely love to read. Having secured the loyalty of hundreds of thousands of fans across British Columbia, Senior Living Magazine is a publication in which businesses can place their advertisement with confidence, knowing it will reach their intended audience effectively.  Display advertising and Classifieds available.

Senior Living Online

Senior Living Online is a comprehensive website that complements and brings together all of our media offerings under one roof. It also has created an online community for readers to share their life experiences with one another, open up dialog between them and us, and a vital way for them to find the valuable resources they are looking for. Including digital media in your advertising campaign establishes an interactive way to get your message and promotions in front of the eyes of our readers. 

Senior Living Television

Senior Living On Location which aired on CHEK TV is now available for viewing on our website. The show focuses on the lives and interests of inspiring seniors, bringing to life the stories that have been loved for many years in our publication. Fast paced, upbeat, action oriented and professionally produced, this 13 episode series featured over 50 real life stories of interesting seniors who are living life to its fullest.  | Watch SENIOR LIVING ON LOCATION here


Ask A Pro

Our Ask A Pro businesses provide current and helpful information on a variety of topics of interest to Senior Living readers, written by professionals (You!). By providing valuable content to our readers in the form of online articles, videos or podcast interviews, you are not only establishing yourself as an expert in your field but introducing yourself as someone to be trusted within the senior community.

Business Directory

Our Business Directory is a vital resource for our audience and our advertisers. It allows your potential customers an intimate view of your business and what you are all about before you even meet them. Trust is a key motivator in turning senior leads into sales and this is the perfect way to establish it. Our business directory pages feature on overview of your business, information about your products or services, photos, contact information, location map, articles, audio interviews and testimonials, with a link to your website. Each business page is highly optimized for search engines. Our website has a consistent audience of about 20,000 unique visitors per month. Place your business where these visitors can find you.


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