What if you could order your prescription from the comfort and privacy of your home, and get it for a lower price than you pay now? 

What if, no matter where you live in BC, your filled prescription could be shipped to you, free of charge, in 3-4 business days? is a new way to get your prescriptions filled that is more convenient and costs less. You still receive the services of a trusted pharmacist to answer all your questions via email, text, phone or live chat on the website. will process your prescription, bill all major insurance plans, and even connect you with a BC doctor, 100% covered by your CareCard.

MyPharmacyonline was created by a BC pharmacist with over 15 years experience. By avoiding the overhead costs of a brick and mortar store, is able to lower the overall cost of prescriptions and still add the benefit of free shipping. is based out of North Saanich, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. They are a private, pharmacist-owned corporation proud of sound business principles and low overhead allowing them to bring the lowest cost prescription products to our Canadian customers.

How can they sell prescriptions for so much less than everyone else? The medications used at are identical to the medications you receive from any other Canadian pharmacy. The difference in price is unrelated to the pharmacy product but rather due to the lean operating costs of their pharmacy.

Check out the benefits and ease of buying your prescriptions online.

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