Who are we?

INSPIRED Senior Living is a media house that focuses on profiling the inspiring lives and achievements of active people over the age of 50. Our mission is to present a positive image of seniors and help businesses effectively market to the senior consumer.

Magazine / Website / TV Series / Expo - We are a Media Powerhouse! 

INSPIRED Senior Living is a monthly magazine distributed throughout British Columbia. Complementing the magazine is an extensive website, a half hour television series, and an annual Senior Expo. 

We can help businesses reach the senior consumer with an integrated marketing campaign that spans all these media formats.

Through inspirational content in print, web, and television, INSPIRED Senior Living celebrates seniors in our communities and applauds the lives and achievements of this mature generation of people.

We Can Help You Market to Seniors

We will assist you with the creation and placement of your advertising in our magazine, website, television show or securing a booth at our annual Senior Expo. If you have an interest in marketing to one of the densest senior populations in Canada, we'd be happy to discuss how we can design an integrated advertising campaign that suits your needs. To get more information about our various marketing options and a quote, call 1-877-479-4705, ext 101 or CLICK HERE

We welcome your inquiries on behalf of business clients or organizations that want to reach the senior demographic. We can help you create a campaign that will fit your client and provide you with information to assist in your client presentations. Please give us a call at 1-877-479-4705 ext 101, or CLICK HERE.

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Our Editorial Focuses on Four Key Elements: 


We give you a snapshot into the interesting lives of REAL people. There’s no fiction in any of the content we publish, whether in our magazine, on our website, or documented by our television show “INSPIRED Senior Living On Location”. Some magazines and tv shows want to show you celebrities as role models.  We give you everyday people who face challenges with resourcefulness and live life enthusiastically.


Our editorial and featured personalities are nothing short of inspiring. Readers and viewers love INSPIRED Senior Living because “there’s just not enough in the media that celebrates good things in people.” At INSPIRED Senior Living, we are determined to change that. If it isn’t inspiring or doesn’t positively motivate the viewer, we don’t publish or air it. It may make you laugh, it may make you cry… but it will always make you feel that your life is enriched because of it.


The people you will meet in our magazine or on our television show are the people who live on your street. They are people who went to your school, attend your church or club, and that you will find shopping at the local supermarket or chatting over coffee at Tim Horton’s or Starbucks in the nearby strip mall.  Their brand of inspiration is particularly powerful… because you can relate to them.


Senior can be a bit of a daunting word for the baby boomer generation but the people we profile in our magazine or on our television show are not sitting at home in their rocking chairs, trying to sort out their knitting needles. They are climbing the mountains of Kilamanjaro, scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef and trekking through the exotic jungles of the Amazon.



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