We are looking for adventuresome Vancouver area women, over the age of 55, willing to undergo a makeover including hair, makeup and fashion. 

Your photos and story will be featured in upcoming issues of INSPIRED Senior Living. 

You will begin your transformation with several appointments in early September and complete your makeover transformation at our upcoming 55+ Lifestyle Show in Vancouver on Saturday September 23rd where you will be presented on stage. 

To qualify:

  • hair length needs to be long enough so our stylist has something to work with — close to shoulder length or longer
  • must attend hair appointment 1-2 weeks prior to the show -- date and location TBD
  • must be at our 55+ Lifestyle Show in Vancouver at the PNE Grounds on September 23 (9 - 3pm) and undergo the final touches on your hair and makeup
  • may be asked to attend other appointments relevant to the make-over
  • must be willing to cooperate with our stylists and show staff

Please tell us a little about yourself and why the make-over is important to you.

Apply by email to:

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