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In the September issue of INSPIRED Senior Living, we shine a spotlight on some remarkable women in our community. Although each has her own unique story, a closer look reveals a common denominator: these women – like many who came before them – have grit! They’ve used that grit to strive toward difficult goals, struggle against debilitating odds, and pick themselves up after dispiriting setbacks. Their perseverance and determination has awarded each of them their own brand of success.

We kick off the issue with former news anchor Pamela Martin, who now advocates for women in government – a role that both interests and motivates her. Empowering women was something Pamela thought she could do – “something she could add,” she says.

From her early days as a member of a Midwestern gospel group comprised of her and her two brothers, jazz singer Sibel Thrasher was destined to be an entertainer. Weekly performances in front of her church’s congregation moulded both her future showbiz endeavours and her lifelong faith – a faith that saw her through uphill challenges. A true survivor, despite near impossible odds, Sibel has remained resolute and true to herself.

We also take a peek into today’s dating world – what’s changed and what hasn’t? When courting begins online – behind the cloak and comfort of a computer screen – it can be both exciting and excruciating! Dating in the Third Chapter offers timely advice for any romance-seekers brave enough to enter this quirky new world.


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