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The March issue of INSPIRED Senior Living begins with the story of actress and author Marlene Worrall, who has always tenaciously pursued her dreams. The acting bug bit Marlene at a young age, but when missteps and missed opportunities derailed her from reaching the pinnacle in one industry, she simply refocused and began on a new path. As a novelist, writing now fills her life with joy. Two mediums, one passion and an irrepressibly optimistic outlook on life allows Marlene to continue to thrive.

The connections we feel with others connect us all, so this month we’re delving into relationships. Firstly, grandtravelling is a rising trend that develops a strong bond between grandparents and their grandchildren by offering exciting, intergenerational adventures that create memories to last a lifetime.

In the realm of coupledom, more seniors are going online to find love and companionship. Win, lose or draw, modern-day singles are meeting people they may not otherwise have met. Though it may not be traditional, it’s one more way to throw your hat in the dating ring. And when love relationships do blossom, next steps offer new challenges – we’ve got that covered too with “Sex After Sixty” and “He Moved In.”



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