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Former world champion snooker player Cliff Thorburn dons INSPIRED Senior Living's August cover. As a member of the Order of Canada and an inductee in several sports halls of fame, Cliff was the first player in history to score a perfect game in competition. He continues to be passionate about a sport with which he has had a life-long love affair as he mentors those following in his footsteps.

From dark and dramatic pool halls we move to the fresh, lush property of gardener Victoria Carlton, who has taken her 26-year hobby from a small patch to a sprawling two-acre garden of fruits, vegetables and perennials. Victoria and her husband built everything on their property from the ground up, and their labour of love yields a harvest year after year.

Housing continues to be top of mind for many Canadians, especially those who reside in major cities in British Columbia. With stratospheric real estate prices and an aging population, many are considering their options as they enter the next phase of life – retirement. Staying put, downsizing, renting or moving into a retirement residence are all viable propositions. In the August issue of INSPIRED Senior Living, sift through our senior housing directory for opportunities in your area – or another area of the province that strikes your fancy.


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