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January’s cover features Gerry Hennessey, who, at 70, has only just begun. As an actor, mentalist, card expert, unconventional magician and technical advisor for film & TV productions, Gerry didn't attempt any of those endeavours until after age 55. “Considering that if one lives to 100 years, that is only 1,200 months. How many do we have left in our lifetime? Certainly none to waste,” he says. Oh, and did we mention he’s also a 2nd degree black belt in martial arts?

The start of a new year typically launches ambitious fitness goals for Canadians of all ages. In the January issue of INSPIRED Senior Living, we offer health and wellness articles to get you started on the path to living your healthiest year yet! Well-known media personality, Dr. Art Hister maps out simple, effective tips for living a healthier life. Though he says it’s not “rocket science,” many people still struggle to reach optimum health due to setting unattainable goals or looking for a secret formula. Tip: there isn’t one.

Finally, our travel writers are cruising once more. A week-long riverboat cruise in The Netherlands and Belgium visits breathtaking historical sites including ancient castles and romantic cities. For those looking for a massive adventure on the high seas, consider an ocean liner that journeys across the Pacific to a world that couldn’t be more removed from our natural and expansive homeland.



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Slow boat to Alaska and Asia

By Jim Couper on Jan 3, 2017

Never had we been on a ship for 27 straight days. Never had we sailed with Celebrity. Never had we taken a slow boat, or any other transport, to China, Japan or Korea. And never had we taken a cruise in which 10 of the first 11 days were spent at sea. Read more...

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