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We are so excited to feature the Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, on the July cover of INSPIRED Senior Living magazine. Travel, adventure, passion, tragedy and courage under fire – the life story of Guichon is composed of all the
dramatic elements of epic novels and classic movies. Yet for
this down-to-earth diplomat, the key to a successful, happy life
remains simple: having family and good friends near and caring for the land on which we depend.

The July issue also shares helpful tips and tricks for upping the ante of your wardrobe style and beauty habits. Learn the ABCs of accessories and finally get a grip of your undergarments; two fashion basics fundamental to looking – and feeling – great!

If motorcycle riding has always been on your bucket list, the wait is over! Canadian Women's Day Ride founder Greer Stewart leads the way. No longer a strictly male domain, motorcycle riding now draws women in droves. "It attracts women of all ages, lifestyles and riding styles for the camaraderie/sisterhood, the thrill, and the empowerment it brings,” says Greer.

Summer is here! Feel the wind in your hair.


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The ABC's of Accessorizing

By Kiana Karimkhani on Jul 1, 2016

“If the painting’s not finished, I don’t take it out into the world,” says Tziporah Salamon, 62, one of the subjects of the documentary, Advanced Style. The painting she is referring to is her attire, and what completes it are her accessories. Read more...

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