This Month: Travel

Ah, June! What a time to travel! Is there anything better than experiencing the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of exotic locales?

Well, if you’re like me, you’ll agree that forgoing the airports, train stations, line-ups, wait times and expense in exchange for perusing a well-written story about travel is the cat’s pajamas! Cozying up in my little office with a hot cup of Joe and poring over travel articles ranks among my favourite pastimes. Now it’s your turn… enjoy the trip!

Bill Nikolai, June's cover feature, may qualify for the seniors' discount at his local pharmacy, but he's too busy living to take them up on it. This mild-mannered libranian by day is a powerhouse of activity when he's not on the clock. His passions take him and his wife of 30 years around the globe, where they meet like-minded adventurers who are also living life fully.  
Regular INSPIRED readers know our focus has always been on British Columbians whose work, play or passions inspire us. Sure, it would be tempting to brush elbows with US celebrities whose movies we’ve watched, music we’ve listened to or lifestyles we’ve coveted, but staying true to our mandate and vision keeps us focused.
Recently, however, when one such invitation suggested we talk to Leeza Gibbons about how she was celebrating (in every sense of the word) her 60th birthday, it got our attention. Leeza is not only among our readership’s cohort, she has dealt with many of the same issues you are facing.
It’s for these reasons we’re stepping outside our provincial (and national) boundaries to bring you our first international profile. We don’t take this side step lightly. But the way in which Leeza approaches life is not only inspiring, it’s contagious!



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