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When his parents grew older and had divergent healthcare needs, Don Ho was sadden to see his father give up a robust lifestyle in order to care for his ailing wife. At that time, variable care was not available in senior housing. So, the architect and structural engineer pioneered the continuum-of-care lifestyle concept that has become an industry standard. Founder and owner of Element Lifestyle Retirement Inc, Don now envisions a retirement community where the whole family can be accommodated. Adult children, who may still have little ones at home, can maintain their own house or apartment onsite, while their senior parents live a short walk away in the same neighbourhood. As the elder generation's needs change, additional care is available to them, and they can stay close to family. Don is a visionary in senior housing and is changing the way people approach their retirement years.

For those who choose to live with multiple generations under one roof, there are many things to consider. A weighty emotional decision, it should not be entered into without considerable thought and discussion. Check out "When Parents Move In..." in this issue of INSPIRED Senior Living for a checklist of topics that require an open and honest conversation.

If the idea of camping gives you hives, glam it up a bit with the new trend of glamour camping – glamping. Travel writer Cherie Thiessen goes glamping in Namibia, where a balanced mix of "roughing it" with hedonistic luxuries will have you dreaming about your next trip before the wheels touch down at home.


Now is the time to start planning your fall cruise. A getaway to the Caribbean ticks all the boxes for sun, fun, relaxation and renewal. The range of activities you can expect to indulge in are limited only by your imagination. If cooler temperatures and cultural exploration is more your style, why not take in a Norweigan cruise? With a long, rugged coastline that stretches over 2,500 km, Norway works diligently to stay clean and green. Both cruising experiences will expose you to learning opportunites and leave you feeling refreshed.




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