This Month’s Feature: Caregiving

The September issue of *Senior Living* magazine turns its attention to Family Caregivers. These silent pillars of the healthcare system are stepping out of the shadows thanks to the tireless efforts of those dedicated to informing, educating and supporting them. Canadian statistics suggest if you are woman 45 years old or older, it is highly probable you will be caring for an aging parent or spouse. But caregiving isnft an experience you need to face alone. Community resources ? and those who have gone before you ? are here to help.

Once a summertime destination for families from across the province, Kelowna has evolved into an attractive location to call home. A haven for year-round sports and outdoor activities, this business-friendly community boasts art and cultural delights, affordable housing, excellent locally grown food and wine and, as always, a climate many in BCfs wetter regions envy. If Kelowna is no more than a childhood memory, it may be time to take another look.

On Your Marks! As the 36th annual Victoria Goodlife Fitness Marathon approaches, runners, near and far, are in the final throes of training to tackle the 42.2km race. Of course, not everybody is in it to win it! Whether the goal is fitness, fun or a bucket-list challenge, on October 11, hundreds will cross the start line. How many cross the finish line will depend on a multitude of factors ? not the least of which is dogged determination.



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