This Month: Charity & Philanthropy

Sharing time, talent, experience and wealth is not solely reserved for the elders of our society but, with generally more disposable income and more free time, this cohort carries with it immense philanthropic potential.

The May issue of INSPIRED Senior Living takes a look at some of the ways in which we give back. The legacies we leave behind come in a variety of guises – from the work we do, the hours we volunteer, the charitable donations we make and the stories we tell – and each can have an impact on a personal or global level.

So, how does one decide where to give? Start with your passion – that which inspires you, moves you and lights you up – and combine your innate gifts with your community's greatest need. With as many important causes as there are people to get behind them, finding one that fits is only a matter of searching.

Doing so has the added bonus of looping back with tremendous rewards like personal fulfillment, new friendships and fresh skills. It's a win-win!



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