This Month: Canadian Travel

April is a great time to start firming up your Summer 2017 travel plans. With that in mind, INSPIRED Senior Living's April issue explores some of Canada's exciting travel destinations.

Whether you prefer stretching your travel muscle clear across the country or sticking closer to home with adventure in beautiful BC, we've got you covered.

For example, travel writer Ian Carter takes us on a quest for craft beer brewing on the east coast; while Estelle Noakes shares her awe-inspiring experience of horse-assisted hiking on the west. From bustling big city attractions to tranquil, unfettered waterfronts and everything in between, Canada has something to suit every traveller's fancy.

To kick off our Canadian issue, we feature the Right Honourable Kim Campbell. With a track record of impressive firsts, the irrepressible Ms. Campbell represents leadership, innovation and true Canadian spirit.



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A Self-Reliant Man

By Hans Tammemagi on Apr 21, 2017

A large maple — we call him the Captain — commands the backyard and provides welcoming shade for our deck. His leafy limbs rise high above our two-storey house and his girth and rugged character suggest solidity and permanence. Read more...

The Job of Volunteering

By Bill Levine on Apr 18, 2017

Retiring would be okay because I could concentrate my energies on the gung-ho effort needed to secure a great volunteering opening. I wanted to make up for my community service gap. Read more...

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