This Month’s Feature: Winter Travel & Spring Cruising

The October issue shows signs of change at Senior Living magazine. We are excited to launch our new name, INSPIRED Senior Living, as we rebrand our image and take on a new direction. Our experience-driven focus will reflect the vibrancy of the maturing population and their radical, awesome and spectacular lives. Our feature content, both online and in print, will be startling, compelling and credible – always! The people we profile will be successful, passionate, influential, engaging, kind and committed. As we transition over the next couple of months, we'll be striving to bring you extraordinary people, astonishing articles with inspiring, uplifting tales, and beautiful, elegant design to deliver a fresh, first-rate publication.

We lead off with Goodlife Fitness founder and CEO David “Patch” Patchell-Evans, whose rags-to-riches story inspires us with his unwavering determination to overcome life’s obstacles and reach unrivaled heights. With a contagious enthusiasm and a foundation of caring, Patch exudes an attitude that makes you believe anything is possible.

With winter's chill not far off, we also explore ways in which to get away. Cruising remains one of the most popular vacation activities and, this month, our writers share a few of the most popular destinations among BC travellers – local waters, Panama and Northern Europe. For landlubbers, who would rather take flight than haul out their hats and mitts, our snowbird series offers the sunny destinations of Arizona, California and Florida. If your plans are to stay put this winter, take a load off, have a read and let your imagination chase the sun.



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