This Month: Planned Giving

The November issue of INSPIRED highlights the important work of those who devote their time and resources to causes close to their hearts. Though the charities may differ, their motivation bears a common thread – to make their communities stronger.

Paralympian Rick Hansen became a household name in the late ’80s when he set out on his Man in Motion world tour. His aim then – to educate the public, fund ongoing research and champion access for the physically disabled – remains as steadfast today. The Rick Hansen Foundation, of which Rick is the founder and CEO, has funnelled over $355 million into a cause about which he is passionate. As he turns 60 this year, Rick is excited about the future: “I see it as a milestone. I believe my best work’s in front of me. I believe I’m gaining wisdom and perspective and I look forward to it.”

Accomplished artist Hinda Avery expresses her deepest thoughts, fears and triumphs through her work. Originally created as a tribute to family members lost during Hitler’s reign, Hinda’s best-known work, the Resisterrrz, has grown to become a whimsical series and documentary that addresses the impact of the holocaust, as well as Hinda’s take on feminism. “The process was a form of art therapy for me,” she says. By the end of the series, the paintings themselves are larger than life; the colours are vibrant and outlandish. “I’ve always wanted to be an artist,” she says. “When I retired, that gave me the opportunity.”






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