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Ballet Étoile Canada dancers David Roland and Amalia Schelhorn have been dancing all their lives. As time marches on, though their roles have changed, they continue to pursue their passion for this art form by mentoring those that follow in their fluid footsteps. Dance is not just for the young, they say. It engages both the body and the brain, resulting in physical health, mental stimulation and a creative outlet well beyond youth.

INSPIRED Senior Living's semi-annual Housing Directory is also featured in the February issue. This easy-to-read guide provides a resource for those seeking housing and care solutions for themselves or their senior loved ones. The directory includes independent/supportive living, assisted living and residential care options to consider.

Though winter is in full swing, soon the focus will shift to warmer days and our springtime wardrobe. Florals are a staple this time of year and Canadian designers are highlighting bold art prints, turning this classic spring design into modern must-haves for 2017. If flowers aren't your thing, you can still freshen up your closet with a touch of sparkle, a fancy sleeve or a fabulous pair of fashionable boots.



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