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Reboot - December 2017

By Verena Foxx on Dec 2, 2017

Marlee Hosho Ross is an ordained Zen chaplain, and says she is now “doing the work that I’m meant to do.” Mauro Azzano noticed, when he returned my call, that the last four digits of my phone number spell my surname. Read more...

Stand Tall: Burton Cummings

By John Thomson on Dec 7, 2017

“Old people, ha. Listen to me, I’m 70. We all grow old, but I like to think like a teenager still mesmerized by the music,” says the septuagenarian. “I’m still mesmerized by the music. Definitely.” Read more...

The Gift of Friendship

By Pat Nichol on Dec 2, 2017

During this Christmas season, keep this thought in mind: material gifts are immaterial. Often the best presents we can give to each other are a willing ear, an open heart and shared laughter. The gift of friendship, in other words. Read more...

Winter Adventure in Grand County

By Kate Robertson on Dec 2, 2017

I manage to click off one photo of the snowmobile group before my phone dies from the cold. That’s what happens when you’re hanging out in the middle of winter at 3,600 metres near the summit of the Continental Divide. Read more...

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