October 2017 INSPIRED Senior Living


A Paradise for Snowbirds

By Jane Cassie on Oct 2, 2017

Welcome Home! The inviting greeting spans the sandstone archway to the entrance of Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort, a man-made oasis in the city of Casa Grande, Arizona. Read more...

Confessions of a Cruise Convert

By Kate Robertson on Oct 2, 2017

I was starting to second guess why I would leave The Crane, a beautiful, luxury resort, to take my chances at sea. It would be my first cruise, and I knew what could happen out there – I’d seen Titanic, after all. Read more...

Living with Chronic Pain

By Wendy Johnstone on Oct 20, 2017

Chronic pain can be overwhelming. Chronic pain is different for everyone and finding out what works to help manage it might take some trial and error. Caring for someone else while in pain adds an extra layer of complexity. Read more...

Richard Hunt: Indigenous Artist and Elder

By James Ellsworth on Oct 3, 2017

Richard Hunt lives in a modest bungalow on a crescent in Victoria with a large workshop shed in the back. Currently, he is working on a new 15-foot totem pole in his workshop, but we met in his dining room surrounded by his various forms of art (masks, carvings, paintings) and several framed awards. Read more...

Wrap Yourself in Velvet

By Angela Junker on Oct 2, 2017

Fashion for Fall 2017 capitalizes on that warmth and comfort through women’s clothing by mirroring the warm reds, oranges and yellows ubiquitous in nature this time of year. Read more...

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