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A Sense of Purpose

By Kiana Karimkhani on May 1, 2017

A Change of Mind is a Victoria-made documentary that centres on the body’s most complex organ, more delicate than a ripened peach: the brain. It uncovers the hidden epidemic of brain injury in which countless people are going unseen and undiagnosed. Read more...

Legacy Giving

By Amber Adams on May 1, 2017

A Planned or Legacy Gift is really a gift of any size to a charity that has an element of planning involved in accomplishing the act of giving. Read more...

Mother of the Main Event

By Callie Martin on Apr 28, 2017

While most brides will don a white (or white-ish) gown, the fashion rules are less clear for the beloved mother of the bride or groom. Attending a wedding is stressful enough without having to worry about the number of sequins on your gown, so here are some tips for shopping for your formal wear in 2017. Read more...


By Wendy Johnstone on Apr 28, 2017

It turns out that when we are kind to ourselves or showing self-compassion, it leads to increased feelings of happiness, optimism, gratitude, and life satisfaction. It’s even linked to better coping and resiliency in the face of demanding life situations, such as caring for someone else. Read more...

Sharing Family Stories

By Diane Salter on May 1, 2017

As we share family stories with our children, and grandchildren, implicit messages come through about who we are, where we have come from and the shared beliefs and traditions of our families. Read more...

The Best Medicine

By John Kelly on Apr 28, 2017

Our first experience with clowns is usually a good one that makes us happy, even if we’re too young to know why. But like many relationships, it sometimes sours over time. But on Canada’s west coast there is a troupe that not only works to rehabilitate the art form and resurrected a grand tradition, but puts smiles on the faces of everyone to whom they bring their passion. Read more...

Three-Minute Stories

By Lauren P. MacLellan on May 1, 2017

Whether the story he covers is joyful or not, the joy Mike takes in storytelling is constantly evident. He started his career covering crime, yet was shaped into a force of positivity. Read more...

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