Here are some of the findings discovered by Statistics Canada:

  • Those who give the most are more likely than others to be older.
  • Although donors with higher household incomes tend to donate larger amounts in absolute terms, those with lower incomes give more when their donations are expressed as a percentage of total income.
  • The most frequently reported motivations for making donations were feeling compassion for those in need, wanting to help a cause in which the donor personally believes, and wanting to make a contribution to the community.
  • Donors also give because they or someone they know has been personally affected by the cause of the organization or because of religious beliefs

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Advertisers that participated in our Planned Giving Feature section:
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Amnesty International (Click here to View Article 1) (Click here to View Article 2)
BC Children's Hospital Foundation (Click here to View Article 1) (Click here to View Article 2)
BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities & Easter Seals Services

Canadian Society for Asbestos Victims (Click here to View Article)
Canadian Red Cross
(Click here to View Article)
Covenant House Vancouver (Click here to View Article)
Critter Care Wildlife Society
Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver (Click here to View Article)
Family Caregivers Network Society
(Click here to View Article)
Give Green Canada (Click here to View Article)
Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon
(Click here to View Article)
Knowledge Network
Leave a Legacy Vancouver
Make A Wish BC & YK (Click here to View Article)
North Island Wildlife Recovery
(Click here to View Article)
Peace Arch Hospital and Community Health Foundation (Click here to View Article)
Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation
Saanich Volunteers

Salvation Army (Click here to View Article 1)
St. John Ambulance - Medical Alert Program
Stroke Recovery Association

The Greater Victoria Public Library
Vancouver Humane Society
(Click here to View Article)
Vancouver Island Federation of Hospices
Vancouver Island Regional Library
(Click here to View Article)
Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
Variety the Children's Charity
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Victoria Hospice Foundation (Click here to View Article) 
Wildlife Rescue Association (Click here to View Article) 





A Gift to Those With Parkinson's
By Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson's Centre
Elizabeth “Lizzie” Chambers was a vibrant woman loved by her husband, David.  A woman with an engaging smile and a deeply caring man, Elizabeth and David were passionate about life and wellness.  Together they reveled in the beauty of the BC Coast and in their time together. READ MORE

A 'Sisterhood' of Kindness
By Greater Victoria Eldercare Foundation
Vi Irwin was one of those special people who looked for ways to help others.  Although of modest means, she made sure to incorporate the needs of others into her daily priorities.  I think she would credit her sister, Ada, for this ardor to help others. READ MORE 

A Legacy of Hope
By Karen McCluskey - Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver
Earlier this year, well-known B.C. labour lawyer, Kitty Heller, passed away.  In addition to her many achievements in the legal field, Kitty was a strong supporter of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver (EFry), a non-profit organization that supports women, youth and children at risk, involved in or affected by the justice system. READ MORE

A Little PREP Work
By Leanne McConnachie, M.Sc.
To determine what questions donors should ask in order to choose the most effective charities, there are four key areas for evaluation, known as the PREP Framework; READ MORE

A World of Difference
By Heather Warren - Amnesty International
Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of over two million "ordinary" people who work together to achieve extraordinary results. Each day, we stand in solidarity with - and help protect - individuals and communities around the world whose human rights are under attack. READ MORE 

Authorities Add Insult to Injury for Abestos Victims
By Sheryl Thompson, Officer, The Canadian Society for Asbestos Victims
We are surrounded by asbestos in our communities; our homes, our schools, our hospitals, our ferries. More and more home renovators are familiar with the process of taking samples to the lab for contractors. READ MORE

BBB Tips for Giving Wisely
Better Business Bureau
If you plan to donate money, whether it’s for those in need during the holiday season or for another cause close to your heart, BBB would like to offer the following advice

Better To Give
By Kevin McKay
Seventy-six-year-old Keith Quan landed in Canada in 1950 happy to arrive at the Golden Mountain, but dismayed to discover he had to work hard to attain the wealth he thought would come easy. Keith and his family have donated money to a number of charities over the years. READ MORE

Called To Serve
By Elizabeth Godley
Now 98, Brigadier Bubsie Hopkinson has worked with the Salvation Army for most of her life. So, it seemed natural for her to make the church the beneficiary of her estate. In addition, a Salvation Army lawyer drew up her will free of charge, and the organization will act as her executor. READ MORE

Create a Personal and Lasting Legacy for Wildlife
By North Island Wildlife Recovery
The North Island Wildlife Recovery Association was formed in l985 "  to establish a facility for the care of ill, injured and orphaned wildlife and to educate the public on wildlife and environmental issues." READ MORE

Funding Support Needed for Clients
By The Salvation Army
When you reach a time in your life when options and choices begin to disappear, and it looks as if you’ll no longer be able to live independently, what thoughts go through your mind?

Gifts of Securities Lets Donors see their Legacy at Work
By the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon 
Barbara Vengshoel of Coquitlam has always been committed to good heart health. Her Financial Planner advised her that a donation of securities would not only benefit her with tax savings - as gifts of securities are exempt from all capital gains tax; but would provide her the chance to see her donations at work now. READ MORE

Giving Outside Your Species
By Debra Probert, Executive Director, Vancouver Humane Society
Did you know that only four per cent of us here in British Columbia have planned bequests in the event of our death? And that a mere two per cent of all charitable donations in Canada are directed to environmental and animal protection organizations? READ MORE

Granting Wishes
By Cathryn Gunn
Volunteer Bill Barrs plays Santa Claus all year. READ MORE

Hayley Casts a Spell at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
By Make-a-Wish Foundation of BC & Yukon
Hayley qualified for a wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation because of a life-threatening skin disease she has called Stevens Johnson Syndrome.  This potentially fatal condition often begins with non-specific symptoms like a cough and feverishness and eventually leads to a rash, forming severe blisters on the mucus membranes. READ MORE

Help End Homelessness
By Cool Aid
Remembering the Victoria Cool Aid Society in your will is one of the best ways to leave a legacy of a better future for our community. Long-term affordable and supportive housing, health and dental care, emergency shelter, employment support, and help for people living with mental illnesses are all part of reducing poverty and ending homelessness. READ MORE

Hospice Invites the 30th Anniversary Wishes from Victorians
By Victoria Hospice Foundation
Victoria Hospice began in 1980 with a group of individuals committed to improving the quality of care for people dealing with life-limiting illness and bereavement. Now nationally and internationally recognized, it is the third-oldest hospice society in the country.  READ MORE

Life's Real Treasures: Families and Friends Who Care
By Family Caregivers' Network Society 
Chicken soup when we feel sick. A cold cloth for a fevered brow. Words of encouragement when we need a boost. A huge smile and a hug to share in those moments of joy. That is the magic of having people in our lives that care about us. The people we love and who love us are our most treasured assets. READ MORE

Legacy Gifts
By BC Childrens Hospital
Planned gifts - or legacy gifts - are donations that have a lasting impact. They are a meaningful way for individuals to express their values and support the causes that are important to them. Planned gifts are made from assets that remain at the end of life, after your needs and those of your loved ones, are met. READ MORE

Leon's Mysterious Childhood Friend
By The Salvation Army
As a child, Leon Bosse didn’t spend much time trying to figure out how his parents could afford to send him to The Salvation Army’s Camp Sunrise in Gibsons.  A week at camp each summer was just part of being a kid. READ MORE 

Marjorie's Success Beyond her Lifetime - Donor Stewardship
By Peter Chipman BBA, CFRE - Variety - A Children's Charity
Almost 10 years ago when I started with my charity in a professional capacity, I made my first ‘donor stewardship’ call to a woman who had donated $150, her usual annual donation. I called her just to say ‘thank you’ and introduce myself. Well, that was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. READ MORE 

Miller Family Matriarch
By Peace Arch Hospital and Community Health Foundation
Theo Miller is everything you would expect an almost ninety year old matriarch of nine children, 29 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren to be – practical, wise and full of twinkles. Theo’s wisdom is simple and no nonsense, “always build family and community because that is who will walk beside you,” she offers. READ MORE

No Man Is An Island
By World Vision
B.C. residents can help children overseas – and heirs at home - through planned giving to global charity READ MORE

Now I am Free
By Amnesty International 
In November 2005, Birtukan Mideksa was arrested along with many other opposition politicians and human rights defenders in Ethiopia. She was tried and sentenced to life imprisonment—for peacefully supporting the democratic right to free and fair elections. READ MORE

Planned Giving and the Victoria Hospitals Foundation
By Victoria Hospitals Foundation
The Victoria Hospitals Foundation raises funds to support priority medical equipment needs and special projects at Royal Jubilee Hospital and Victoria General Hospital ― Vancouver Island’s two largest and most comprehensive hospitals. READ MORE

Planning a Gift for Wildlife
By Wildlife Rescue Association 
WRA Wildlife Rescue Association of BC (WRA) is a registered charitable society, whose mission is to provide leadership in rehabilitating wildlife and in promoting the welfare of wild animals in the urban environment. READ MORE

Planning Your Charitable Legacy
By Sara Neely, LL.B., CFRE
Philanthropy is the “love of humankind.” It allows donors to align the value of their assets with the values that are important to them. People give because charities have affected their lives - those charities may have helped along the way, educated, or inspired. READ MORE

People Helping People
By Canadian Red Cross
If you were to witness a fire, a flood, a famine, or a disaster, what would you do? Your first instinct is likely to help. That powerful human instinct – helping people in crisis – is at the very heart of the Canadian Red Cross.READ MORE

Pilot Project
By BC Parapalegic Association
We could tell you many amazing stories about their 50-year history and the incredible people that they've crossed paths with during that time.  We could tell you lots about the wonderful ways in which the BC Paraplegic Association makes a difference.  But… we're sure you'd rather hear from someone who has been here from the beginning. READ MORE

Our Readers Most Likely to Give
By Barbara Risto
According to a report released by Statistics Canada, those who give the most are more likely to be older. READ MORE

Selfless Givers

By Vernice Shostal
Lifetime volunteers Sannee McFarlane and her sister, the late Audrey Tappin, both honoured by Pearson United World College in 2009, learned the importance of giving from their mother. READ MORE

Stride to Turn the Tide
By Vernice Shostal
I left my heart in Africa," says Beatrice Tellier who taught there for four years. A member of the Victoria Grandmothers for Africa, one of 240 Grandmothers to Grandmothers groups across Canada, Beatrice will join over 5,000 grandmothers and others on June 12 and 13 to cumulatively walk 8,000 kilometres, the distance of Canada from coast to coast, in support of African grandmothers caring for their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren. READ MORE

The Mel Jr. and Marty Zajac Foundation
By Carmen Zajac, President, The Mel Jr. and Marty Zajac Foundation
Although significant contributions to the community have been achieved to date, there is still much to be done at the Zajac Ranch for Children and many ways you can leave a legacy for yourself or a loved one. READ MORE

The Top 5 Things to Think About when Considering Your Will
By BC Children's Hospital Foundation
Approximately 60% of British Columbians die each year without a will.  This means that for those individuals, provincial legislation, and potentially the Public Guardian and Trustee, decides who is in charge of your assets, who gets what and who will take the responsibility of caring for your children. READ MORE

Things Are Looking Up
By Evan, Youth Worker, Covenant House Vancouver
The team in the shelter had been working with a youth named Steve (not his real name) for several stays during the past year.  Positive change takes time to achieve and is different with every youth with whom we work. READ MORE

Types of Charitable Gifts
By Senior Living Magazine
Many people don't realize donating to charity can take other forms than simply giving a lump sum or monthly contributions. READ MORE

Vancouver Island Regional Library - Helping Build Strong Communities
By Vancouver Island Regional Library
Libraries touch lives in more ways than we can count. They educate and stimulate minds, inspire new ideas, encourage creativity, help transform communities, and are vital to our democratic society. READ MORE

What Does Your Estate Plan Have to do with the Environment?
By Natasha Van Bentum, CFRE, Give Green Canada
Many Canadians are startled to discover that less than two cents of every dollar donated goes to the Environment.Yet polls continue to show Canadians see the Environment as being a leading challenge facing Canada in the medium to long term.  This holds true even in the current economic situation. READ MORE

Who is the Best Person to be Executor of My Will?
By BC Children's Hospital Foundation
Your Will is an essential part of your estate plan. Everyone who has accumulated assets in their lifetime should have a Will.  You should visit a lawyer or notary to make or update your Will. READ MORE

Why Give?
By Bobbie Jo Reid
When disaster strikes in the global community and need is imminent, digging deep to help those in peril comes naturally for most. But when the need is ongoing, it takes a little more commitment and planning to help fellow humans, at-risk animals or the planet. READ MORE

Your Vision - Our Mission
By Saanich Legacy Foundation
You can make a difference.Your donation to the Saanich Legacy Foundation helps support activities such as:

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