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The Hockey Stick

By Gipp Forster on Sep 28, 2009

I remember as a kid trying to play street hockey on those cold winter days in Ottawa. I use the term "try" because I was never good at it. In fact, I was awful and was only ever chosen to even out a team. Read more...

Taken for Granted

By Gipp Forster on Sep 1, 2009

I used to take my legs for granted. My eyes too and my hearing. I actually needed a comb and I could shop for clothes in a normal men's wear store, and not a big and tall store. (I'm still not tall.) Read more...

Feeling Unlucky?

By William Thomas on Aug 31, 2009

So, for those who are feeling a little unlucky because the toast hits the floor jam side down, a fingernail gets broken in the car door, or a pet leaves a present on the lawn to step in - think of Kerry Seabrook, Roy Sullivan and a man who used his favourite sheep as a bulletproof vest. Read more...

Parrots - Comedians of the Pet World

By William Thomas on Jul 29, 2009

No pet has spawned more jokes than the talking parrot. Like the one about the frustrated magician working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. With a different audience each night, the magician was able to do the same tricks repeatedly. Read more...

Been There, Done That!

By Gipp Forster on Jun 30, 2009

It's difficult, if not impossible, for our grandchildren to comprehend that when their grandmother and I were their age, we didn't have television, cellphones, microwave ovens or computers. We didn't have ballpoint pens or power lawnmowers. They look at us as if we may be just teasing them with wild and impossible stories. Read more...

Aging is Wonderful - If You're Jake

By William Thomas on Jun 30, 2009

"He aches in the places where he used to play, he wanders into crowds when I tell him to ‘stay!' but I love him like a brother. And no other dog'll do. Nearing the end of a road that's been both joyful and long, it's official, my dog Jake, has become a Leonard Cohen song." Read more...

45 Lessons Life Taught Me

By Regina Brett on Jun 25, 2009

50-year-old Regina Brett, a writer for The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio celebrated growing older by writing about life's lessons. She is now 53 years old, but it still remains as the most requested column she has ever written. Here it is for your enjoyment! Read more...

Reflections: The Brylcreem Generation

By Gipp Forster on Jun 1, 2009

I'm from the Brylcreem generation. Things were different then. Guys' hair was only long enough to form a duck tail at the back. A little dab never did me! A quarter of a tube, maybe, but never a "little dab." Another thing was different then too - I had hair! Read more...

Marajuana - Inevitable Signs You Live Next Door to a Grow-Op

By William Thomas on Mar 31, 2009

I know many people who still refer to the weed as "wacky tabacky." But make no mistake, Canada's rural landscapes rival California as the greatest producers of marijuana in North America. And the farmlands of Wainfleet, where I live, are favourite locations for the illegal growers. And apparently, ACME Greenhouses over on Sider Road were not, as the original agricultural zoning bylaw allowed, producing cucumbers. Read more...

Life On The Farm

By Nadine Jones on Mar 31, 2009

Some experiences in life leave indelible marks on our souls. They enrich us, open our eyes to new worlds, give us joy - and then they pass, leaving us with warm and lasting memories to cherish forever. Nadine Jones was lucky enough to have such experiences when, as a woman who had lived for nearly 50 years in big cities, she moved to a small and secluded farm in northern B.C. Read more...

Reflections: Then and Now - Bronzed

By Gipp Forster on Feb 26, 2009

My children want to have me bronzed! They want to put me in the hallway so visitors can hang their coats on me in the winter, and ignore me in the summer. They want to polish me every now and then, and point to me as a conversation piece. Read more...

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