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By Gipp Forster on May 3, 2010

When I grow up, I want to be a martyr. A martyr is a good person, a brave person, and a committed person. My wife agrees with me; she too thinks I should be committed! Read more...

Anatomy of a Bra

By Martina Goodship on May 3, 2010

My business partner, Linda Paquette, and I spent eight weeks in Hamilton, Ontario with Beverly Johnson, learning the art and science of professional bramaking and fitting. For the past two-and-a-half years we have been practising, perfecting and always learning about that mysterious, taken-for-granted garment, "The Bra." Read more...

Late Bloomer

By Gipp Forster on Apr 1, 2010

I wish I hadn't been such a late bloomer. By the time maturity caught up with me, I was already a senior. When I was ready to boogie, my body was "boogieless." Read more...

Rebellion, Rye and Wrinkles

By William Thomas on Apr 1, 2010

I saw the Doobie Brothers in concert a few years ago, and they looked like the house band at Sunset Haven. "Two front row tickets? $50. Program? $10. The look on their faces when members of their fan club brought their grandchildren backstage? Priceless." Read more...

Men as Mothers - Bad Idea

By William Thomas on Mar 2, 2010

Two things are for sure. First, sometime early in the next millennium the headline on the front page of every newspaper around the world will read: MAN GIVES BIRTH! Second, that man will not be me. Read more...

Working Out

By Gipp Forster on Mar 1, 2010

When I was in my mid-forties, I would go to the gym to work out two and sometimes three days a week. I was trying to rearrange some of the fat that had begun to creep up on me and see if I could make it look like muscle. Read more...

Drive-In Movie

I went to my first drive-in movie on my bicycle. I was supposed to have a date, and the girl was excited when I suggested a drive-in movie! But when I arrived to pick her up on my bicycle, she glared at me and slammed the door in my face. Girls sure are hard to understand sometimes. That was one of those times. Read more...

So Many Shallow People, So Little Time

By William Thomas on Jan 29, 2010

With so few marriages today outlasting the warranty of the wedding gifts, I don't know why I was surprised to learn about speed dating. Speed dating is one of the latest trends among "power daters" - singles in their late 20s looking for long-term mates in beat-the-clock board game style. Read more...


By Gipp Forster on Dec 31, 2009

If anyone should happen to find some loose arm muscles lying about, I'd appreciate it if you would pick them up and put them in a safe place. They're mine! Read more...

Applying Human Rescue Techniques to Dogs

By William Thomas on Dec 1, 2009

An absolute animal lover, Maureen Fredrickson has created a kind of healing homestead in which all manner of emotionally damaged people achieve recovery by developing gentle touch and trusting body language while interacting with her menagerie of horses, donkeys, chickens and turkeys. Read more...

Christmas Tree

By Gipp Forster on Dec 1, 2009

We have an artificial Christmas tree. We've had one for years. I like the old traditions as much as the next person. For many Christmases, I went to the lot faithfully to pick up my aromatic tree, fresh from the forest. Read more...

Courageous & Outrageous - Laughter

By Pat Nichol on Dec 1, 2009

Recently, I spoke to an audience at the Victorian on Feltham. My topic was taking care of yourself with humour. At one point, I referred to myself as a recycled child. I began carrying "knock-knock" jokes and sharing them to the chagrin of my husband and family. Read more...

The Collectors

By Gipp Forster on Oct 30, 2009

I have travelled my three score and 10 years plus and, all in all, life has been very good to me. My dog no longer growls at me when I come in the door. My grown kids listen to my advice. They don't follow it, but they listen to it. Read more...

Good Riddance to Dated Lingo

By William Thomas on Oct 2, 2009

Like me, the economy probably has you confused and just a tad frustrated. A year ago, I looked at my investments and savings and I saw that proverbial rainbow arching over my oncoming rainy days. Read more...

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