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Dream House

By Gipp Forster on May 1, 2012

I was asked recently to describe my dream house – it could be any which way I wanted it and money was no object. The sky was the limit, so I went for it! Read more...

My Friend Walt

By Gipp Forster on Feb 29, 2012

I’ve been to Disney World in Florida once. Disneyland in California seven times; three of those and the trip to Florida were with my wife Donna. The last (to Disneyland) was in 2011. It was, as always, lots of fun, but it wasn’t the same as in days gone by. Read more...

Real Romance

By Dee Walmsley on Feb 1, 2012

Valentine’s Day conjures up images of Hollywood-style romance. But when it came to the marriage proposals of these local seniors, asking the father’s permission, getting down-on-one-knee and saying those four little words “will you marry me?” were seldom the reality. Read more...

The Nickel

By Gipp Forster on Feb 1, 2012

A nickel could go a long way in what my kids always refer to as the “Olden Days.” It could buy a small bag of candy or popcorn at a movie matinee or five black licorice whips or an ice-cream cone or a bottle of pop; soft drinks were a treasure if you had that coveted nickel. Read more...

Dain City - The Town That Time Nearly Erased

By William Thomas on Dec 31, 2011

I’ve been reared in small towns and, as David Letterman would say, we all know how painful that can be. Dain City, Stop 19 and Wainfleet - say what you like about me, but I’m no social climber. Coming up to 65, most days I still have to clean my shoes with a stick. Read more...

Fit Body, Fit Mind?

By Gipp Forster on Dec 31, 2011

What happened to the mother who would not allow her children to leave the dinner table before they finished their vegetables? What happened to the dinner table? What happened to vegetables at mealtime? Read more...

Wistfully He Asked: "Ja 'Member When?"

By William Thomas on Nov 1, 2011

In a world that’s moving way too fast and mostly in the wrong direction, there seems to be a pervasive yearning for the good ol’ days, at least among those of us old enough to remember them. It seems the older you get, the stronger this sentiment is for a return to simpler times. If you’ve ever started a sentence with “Nowadays,” or “Why, when I was your age,” this stroll down memory lane is for you. Read more...

Dapper Minds

By Gipp Forster on Nov 1, 2011

I’m old-fashioned. I’m a leftover relic from the “olden days.” I’m kind of like an old Victor-Victrola that can still be wound up, but doesn’t move as fast as it once did. Or an eight-track tape that is still lying around but is no longer taken seriously. Read more...


By Bob Thompson on Sep 30, 2011

Prior to opting for a career with the provincial government, I was a radio announcer, starting at CFQC, Saskatoon, and then on to CKRM, Regina, next stop was CFJC, Kamloops, until I finally arrived at CJVI in Victoria. Read more...

Thanks, But No Thanks

By Gipp Forster on Sep 30, 2011

I often wonder if this old world we live in will be here 70 or so years down the line. If we haven’t destroyed ourselves by then, I wonder what it will be like. Children just born and not yet born will be the seniors then. But will senior have the same meaning as it does today? Read more...

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