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Secure Your Home

By Robert McDowell on Aug 2, 2011

My wife and I are in our late sixties. We live in a decent neighbourhood, but a few years ago, a home, a couple of blocks down, was broken into and burglarized. The home had standard doors and locks. The invader simply kicked the door in! Read more...

Aging in Place

By Kevin McKay on Jul 29, 2011

Many people resist change – the bigger the change, the greater the likelihood of stress. That is why where people choose to live is an important consideration, especially as they age. Read more...

Assisted Living

By Elizabeth Godley on Jul 29, 2011

“Everyone deserves to live in comfort, with dignity and a little enjoyment thrown in as well. This is what assisted-living residences provide,” says Susan Adams. Read more...

Planning for the Future

By Nadine Jones on Jul 29, 2011

According to statistics published in 2006 by the Public Health Agency of Canada, seniors numbered over four million - which meant that one in every seven Canadians was aged 65 or older. Read more...

Reinvigorating Retirement

By Bev Yaworski on Mar 1, 2011

The restoration of a B.C. heritage house has energized the life of a group of Vancouver Lower Mainland retirees. Kirkland House in Ladner is a heritage pioneer farm home being restored by a dedicated volunteer group of about 20 - mainly retired Delta citizens. Read more...

Retiring to the South Okanagan

By Carol Ann Quibell on Feb 1, 2011

I'm not sure this was a choice we wanted to make but retirement was upon us. At our home in Langley, we enjoyed fabulous amenities, but the cost in terms of dollars and the fast pace was not what we had planned for the next phase of our lives. Read more...

Moving Mom

By Jo-Ann Zador on Feb 1, 2011

She was a feisty one, my mother: always knew what she wanted and was never afraid to express it. This became clear to me as she aged, involving me more and more in her life. Read more...

A Place to Call Home

By Nadine Jones on Feb 1, 2011

Jacqueline Hooper admits her experience in the psychiatric ward of the University of British Columbia Hospital and her recovery from abysmal depression fuelled her fire. For three decades - against the odds - she managed to obtain affordable, safe, friendly accommodation for ex-mental patients. Her tenacity changed the future for many people. Read more...

Building Stronger Communities

By Kevin McKay on Jan 1, 2011

For more than half a century, recreation centres have been providing programs and services to their communities. Rec centres often evoke images of young children and families playing, taking swimming or skating lessons and learning new skills. But a significant portion of the community - and the recreation centre's clientele - is seniors. Read more...

Smart Downsizing

By Jill Phipps, Home Again Seniors Transition Services on Sep 9, 2010

Moving can be overwhelming. Wondering what to do with years of possessions accumulated in the garage and attic can be enough to make a person think it's just easier to stay put. But when your living space no longer meets your needs - whether your home is too big to look after or you just want to get away from mowing the lawns, it may be time to consider downsizing. Read more...

Five Simple Tips to Help You Right-Size Your Life

As people transition into senior living, there's often a series of difficult decisions to be made. Should they move to a smaller house or condo? Is it necessary to look at a retirement residence? Regardless of the decision a number of things can be done to make the next chapter of life easier and enjoyable. Read more...

Caregiving and Residence Placement

By Barbara Small on Aug 3, 2010

One of the most challenging caregiving transitions is moving a family member into residential care. This decision is often made during a time of crisis, either because the care recipient is no longer able to safely stay in his or her own home or because family members can no longer provide the required level or type of care. Read more...

My Olympic Legacy

By George Zador on Aug 3, 2010

Anyone living in Greater Vancouver knows that $500,000 doesn't buy much of a home these days. Lucky if your abode was acquired before home ownership became an almost prohibitive expenditure. Read more...

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