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Dream House

By Gipp Forster on May 1, 2012

I was asked recently to describe my dream house – it could be any which way I wanted it and money was no object. The sky was the limit, so I went for it! Read more...

The Art of Living Simply

By Naomi Beth Wakan on Feb 1, 2012

I just read a 200-page book by Leonard Koren on how to live simply. It is far too long. It gives me advice on how to furnish my home, how to cook, deal with my leisure time, cope with my working hours, and improve relationships - all in a wabi-sabi way. Read more...

Stay in Your Home Longer

As one ages, staying in your own private home can become more difficult. Maintaining one’s independence while balancing the need for safety can present some challenges. Read more...

How to Choose a Home Care Agency

When choosing a home care agency, it is important to become familiar with their services and delivery style. Home care agencies can greatly vary in the type of services they provide and care procedures. Here are some questions to ask agency representatives before making your decision. Read more...

My Robot House

By Naomi Beth Wakan on Aug 2, 2011

In the interest of aging in place when I’m old-old, I dream of building a house that will use cutting-edge technology. Such a home is apparently called a “smart” home, but since I haven’t been smart about much in my life, I am approaching the whole project with some caution. Read more...

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