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The Isle of Man by Rail

By Glen Cowley on Jun 1, 2016

Fifty-three kilometres long and 19km wide, the Isle of Man is a National entity alive with ancient Celtic, Viking and Manx history, world famous motorcycle racing, hiking, water sports and much more. Read more...

Spirited Pubs

By Glen Cowley on Feb 1, 2016

They are the haunted pubs of Vancouver Island and the Salish Sea. Numbering more than the nine listed here, they all have charms above and beyond a haunting presence to make them worthy of stepping through their doors. Read more...

I Remember When

By Gipp Forster on Sep 1, 2013

I count Victoria as my “home town.” Compared to some, I am still one of the new kids on the block. But still, I can say in reference to some things: “I remember when.” Read more...

International Day of Older Persons

By Kevin McKay on Sep 1, 2013

Following a United Nations resolution in December of 1990, the world has been pausing to recognize and celebrate the importance of seniors every October 1st since the first International Day of Older Persons in 1991. Read more...

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