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7 Tips to Stay Active Over 55

By Lorne Marr on Oct 26, 2016

Fitness can be challenging for everyone and, at a certain point in your life, it may feel like you’ve missed the boat. But, as long as you take the proper steps, and are truly committed to living an active life, there is no age limit. Below there are seven tips to help you get out and get active. Read more...

Finding Clarity

By Yvonne Zacharias on Oct 1, 2016

Behind every great yoga teacher is a mentor. If thunderous cheers and outpourings of affection from students are any sign of greatness, Gloria Latham makes the ranks. Read more...

The Power of Passion

By Angela Junker on Sep 1, 2016

To watch Arlene Van den Berg dance is to watch poetry of the body in movement. Arlene is a professional belly dancer and instructor, and a two-time breast cancer survivor. Read more...

Exercising Your Personality

By Eve Lees on Aug 3, 2016

Choose an activity suited to your personality. You're more likely to enjoy it and therefore stick with it longer. Most of us realize this, but character traits are often overlooked when we're searching for exercise choices. Read more...

Mindfulness in Everyday Life

By Dr. Diane J. Salter on Aug 2, 2016

Mindfulness is the act of focusing attention on our experiences at the moment they are happening. This requires an attention to the external world around us as well as noticing our inner experiences and our emotional reactions. Read more...

Rediscover Your Natural Joy

By Pat Nichol on Jul 1, 2016

Joy and happiness are up to us. We come from joy; as babies we come into life with a natural joy. Joy is inherent in every one of us, however, sometimes our physical selves forget we are meant to be joyful creatures. We need to rediscover that natural joy. Read more...

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