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Bill Reiter and the Road Towards Change

By Senior Living on May 8, 2014

After appearing on an episode of Senior Living's television show, Senior Living On Location and seeing himself on television, Bill Reiter got a startling wake up call on the state of his health and became determined to shed the extra pounds towards a healthier lifestyle. Read more...

Granny Basketball

By Tracey Kelly on Apr 8, 2014

Granny basketball is a playful, fun-filled senior exercise activity that encourages women to stay fit in a non-traditional, social environment. Read more...

To Be (without the "Shoulds")

By Capitola on Apr 4, 2014

As a new immigrant, a French Canadian friend some 10 years my senior warned me to be aware and not succumb to the “shoulds” that people will try to place on me. She raised her hands to indicate inverted commas when saying the words. Read more...

Making a Splash

By Kevin McKay on Apr 1, 2014

Canadians look to break out of their winter blahs, a group of people in Langley are turning their thoughts to the upcoming 26th annual Seniors Games Read more...

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