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All in the Family

By John Thomson on Dec 1, 2015

Talk about bonding through a common interest. Kelowna grandmother Donna Nicholas and her daughter, Linda, are cycling buddies, united in a common activity and pursuing a similar goal - to be the best they can be. Read more...

Getting More ZZZs

By Elizabeth Godley on Dec 1, 2015

Studies have shown sleep is important for learning and memory, and the sleep-deprived brain does not consolidate new learning as well, resulting in memory impairment. The good news is that we can improve our sleep. Read more...

Caring from a Distance

By Wendy Johnstone on Oct 1, 2015

Distance caregiving is quite the ride - guilt for not doing enough or for not being there, sadness in accepting the toll a disease can take, anxiety of frequent and unpredictable travel and fear of the unknown. Read more...

Going for Everything

By Bobbie Jo Reid on Oct 1, 2015

David Patchell-Evans, affectionately known as Patch, 61, serendipitously conceived his mega brand, GoodLife, after suffering a motorcycle accident while in university. The experience ultimately taught him the profound benefit of exercise first-hand; it helped him repair his badly broken body. Read more...

It’s a Wrap

By John Thomson on Oct 1, 2015

“I was totally surprised. I felt very, very honoured,” says 87-year-old Betty Jean (BJ) McHugh, of being asked to kick off this year’s edition of the 55+ Games in North Vancouver. The 55+ Games, formerly called the BC Seniors Games, started August 25th and concluded August 29th. Read more...

Nurse Tree Health Home Care Services

Nurse Tree Health Inc. is a quality home care services provider servicing the Greater Vancouver area. We help families look after their senior/elderly members – from companionship, to personal caregiving, to home support, to skilled nursing care. Read more...

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