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Live-in Caregiver Program

By Barbara Small on Mar 1, 2014

Many families reach a point where they realize that in order to safely continue to care for their family member at home they need to bring in paid help in the form of a home support worker or an eldercare nanny Read more...

Positive Thinking Calms the Emotional Brain

By Eve Lees on Feb 1, 2014

Much of the criticism about positive thinking is the accusation that “looking through rose-coloured glasses” is an unhealthy form of denial. But thinking positively does not mean pretending bad things aren’t happening in your life. Read more...

Overcome Excuses for Inactivity

By Eve Lees on Jan 1, 2014

Everyone knows we should be physically active, yet many of us are not. We resort to a list of “reasons” for being inactive. Here are some of the most common excuses and how to overcome them. Read more...

Music to Soothe the Senior Soul

Researchers have ample evidence that there are many benefits, both physical and psychological, for seniors who take up the study of music. It is never too late to start to gain the additional skills and personal satisfaction that music provides. Read more...

Control Holiday Stress

By Eve Lees on Dec 1, 2013

The best holiday gift to give family and friends is your own good health. After all, who wants to spend time with a grumpy, exhausted, sick person? Read more...

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