Get to Know Your Charities / Non-Profits

In this special section of Senior Living Online, we pay homage to the many chairities across BC and Canada-wide that have dedicated their efforts to helping amazing causes and supporting those in need. Below you will find our featured charities, articles written by them as well as a large catalog of information surrounding Planned Giving. 


Seniors - be proud! According to Statistics Canada, seniors:

  • tend to donate larger amounts in absolute terms when they have a higher household income, but those with lower incomes give a higher percentage of their total income, making seniors the most charitable of any age group
  • are motivated to make donations based on feeling compassion for those in need, wanting to help a cause in which the donor personally believes, and wanting to make a contribution to the community.
  • give because they or someone they know has been personally affected by the cause of the organization or because of religious beliefs

Thinking of Giving? 

Not sure what type of charitable donation to give, what organization to support or just hestitant? Here are some articles that might help you decide how to put forth an educated step in choosing the right charitiy for you

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Our Featured Charities and Non-Profit Organizations

Click on the organization you wish to browse through their articles or scroll down below for our complete catalog of articles surrounding Planned Giving

Know When to Hold'Em

By William Chiu on Nov 6, 2017

Peter Brown: respected lawyer, family man, mental health educator, disability advocator and gym-rat. Quite a legacy, but Peter wants to make a lasting impression before the party is over. Read more...

The Job of Volunteering

By Bill Levine on Apr 18, 2017

Retiring would be okay because I could concentrate my energies on the gung-ho effort needed to secure a great volunteering opening. I wanted to make up for my community service gap. Read more...

Walking the Talk

By Kristi Dobson on Nov 1, 2016

Robin began a career in which she could help others reach their own personal financial wealth. For her, though, personal wealth also means an investment in time spent volunteering, fundraising and giving back. Read more...

Realizing Philanthropic Goals through Smart Giving

By Sandra Dow on Nov 1, 2016

It doesn’t take great wealth to make an impact. While large donations that can merit a donor’s name on a hospital wing or school program are impressive – and, admittedly, extremely powerful – it is the modest generosity of most Canadians that quietly carries charitable giving forward in Canada. Read more...

Filling the Gap

By Diane Madson on Nov 1, 2016

University of Victoria's CanAssist came to my attention in May. I was intrigued by the concept of an organization functioning within a university in order to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities. Read more...

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