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Spring 2016 Fashion: Breaking Boundaries

By Teresa Lindsay on Jan 1, 2016

In the wake of Vancouver Fashion week, I felt inspired and was reminded how fashion reflects our times. When we discuss the past, visual images and old photographs lend context to what influenced a particular generation. Today, our world is looking at issues from new angles and perspectives. Read more...

Fashion Forward

By Bobbie Jo Reid on Jul 1, 2015

Canada's top designers weigh in on questions from mature women about how to dress, what to wear, what to avoid and how to look their very best. Read more...

Closet Clean-Up

Tips to help you shed outdated garments and make space for new ones that make sense for your body and lifestyle. Read more...

Tips for Healthy Skin

By Eve Lees on Jul 1, 2013

Several lifestyle practices can harm and reduce collagen and elastin in the skin, which provide support and structure, preventing it from wrinkling and sagging. Read more...

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