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Recently, we asked Senior Living readers to tell us whether or not they find the fashion and beauty industry lacking in its understanding of the senior consumers’ wants and desires. It was also a chance to tell us about their fashion and beauty needs and interests. As we thought, our readers have a big interest in fashion and beauty. They were quick to respond to our survey and indicated an interest in finding out more about how to make fashion and beauty products and services work for them as a mature consumer.


Of those responding, 92% were female. 

 In age, the respondents were

  • 1% Under 50
  • 28% 50-64
  • 49% 65-75
  • 22% 75+

We asked them if they want to look their age, or younger than their actual age, 68% voted “younger”.

WHERE THEY SHOP: About 40% of respondents shop in Victoria, 25% in Vancouver and 15% in Nanaimo.


Respondents were equally concerned about price and style; they didn’t want to have to sacrifice one for the other.

60% said they don’t have any trouble fitting into off-the-rack clothing. Almost 20% require plus size clothes, but 41% indicated a desire for clothes that hide figure imperfections.

68% feel there isn’t a good enough selection of clothes for seniors and 80% wish the industry paid more attention to the fashion needs of seniors. An overwhelming majority (71%) said they would patronize clothing stores that specialized in styles that flatter the mature body.

92% look for clothing that are easy to care for and don’t require specialized care, like dry-cleaning. 2/3 of respondents prefer iron-free clothing.

About 5% of households have someone that requires adaptive clothing.

Fashion is a topic our readers find interesting. Almost 70% said they like reading about current styles and how to dress as a mature person. 50% said they’d attend a fashion show for mature customers, and 28% would like a fashion consultant to help them choose clothing for their body type.

Weight Loss

68% said they would like to lose weight and 60% say they do diet from time to time.

The majority use calorie reduction as a weight loss method, 50% do cardio exercise and 28% do regular strength training exercise.

About 8% have joined weight loss clubs, about 11% use weight loss products.


87% of respondents indicated they wear makeup. The majority of them use a fairly wide range of products. Here are a list of cosmetics used, in order of most usage to least:

  • 90% moisturizer
  • 80% lipstick
  • 58% blush
  • 55% foundation
  • 54% mascara
  • 47% eyeshadow
  • 40% eyeliner
  • 29% toner
  • 26% lipliner
  • 23% blemish concealer

52% like reading about current makeup styles and how to apply make up as a mature person.

35% would like a cosmetic makeover or a consultant to help them choose products for their skin type and age.

Half the respondents said they visit a hair salon or barber about every 2 months; 30% monthly.

82% say they have gotten a cut and style in the last 3 months, 38% said they have gotten a dye or touchup. 6% said they’ve gotten a perm. 2% got a wig or hair extensions.

65% have a regular stylist. 33% said they think good stylists are difficult to find.

66% use drug store shampoos and conditioners. 30% use products purchased in a salon.

42% said they like reading about hair styles and styling. 30% would attend a hair styling show or demonstration, and a third of respondents said they’d like a hair styling makeover or a consultant to help them choose a style to suit their facial shape and age.

42% buy anti-wrinkle products, 10% buy anti-aging supplements.

90% said they use sunblock, only half of those use it often.

40% of respondents indicated skin sensitivities to body care products. 10% said they have significant sensitivity problems.

Survey conducted in May 2012 by Senior Living Magazine
Reprint or reposting without the written permission of Senior Living is strictly prohibited. ©Senior Living 2012

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