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Reducing Your Feelings of Guilt

By Barbara Small on Oct 30, 2009

Guilt arises when there is a gap between the way family caregivers are and the way they perceive they should be. They spend time berating themselves for what they see as failure instead of focusing on the caring and compassion they bring to a family member's situation. When energy is focused on how things "should" be, it's more difficult to find solutions for the actual situation. Read more...

Taking Care of Your Caregiver

By Barbara Small on Jul 28, 2009

Although family caregivers are good at taking care of others, they are not always good at taking care of themselves. As the demands for caregiving increase, their own needs often get pushed aside. Caregivers can quickly become exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out. Read more...

45 Lessons Life Taught Me

By Regina Brett on Jun 25, 2009

50-year-old Regina Brett, a writer for The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio celebrated growing older by writing about life's lessons. She is now 53 years old, but it still remains as the most requested column she has ever written. Here it is for your enjoyment! Read more...

Planning Your Retirement Early in Life

Life if full of changes and transitions, and planning ahead can make the process of living much more enjoyable. Determining early what you want from retirement, where you will live and how you will be cared for, can help you and your family move smoothly through the phases and challenges that may confront you during your senior years. Read more...

The Caregiver Role

By Barbara Risto on Jun 5, 2009

In today's world a senior's caregiver could be a spouse, family member, friend, neighbor or acquaintance. The concept of "care" can include housing a senior in your home, supporting a senior that lives in a housing community, or being a resource for a senior that lives on their own. Read more...


By Mary Anne Hajer on Jun 4, 2009

Fostering mature cats is becoming increasingly popular among seniors who worry about the expense and commitment of adoption. Read more...

Wrap Up a Memory for Father's Day

By News Canada on Jun 4, 2009

"Photos are great reminders of the events and emotions we share with our fathers. They make heart-felt gifts," says Jennifer Kinnon of Hallmark Canada. "If you have some special photos sitting in a drawer, get them out and make dad's day." Read more...

Palliative Care Resources

By Barbara Small on Jun 1, 2009

Palliative care focuses on care and comfort at end-of-life and consists of medical care and personal care along with social, emotional and spiritual support. As a family caregiver, you play a significant role in ensuring both physical and emotional quality of life for your family member who is ill. Read more...

A Mother's Day Tribute

By Nadine Jones on Apr 28, 2009

When I think of my mum, who died on Mother's Day in l989, at the age of 91, I equate her memory with courage, honesty, humour and all the other attributes that made her the epitome of what a mum should be. Read more...

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