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A Family's Journey Home

By Jo-Ann Zador on Feb 29, 2012

Always with anticipation, we often return to Budapest to visit my husband’s birthplace. But this year’s visit was even more special; some of our adult children and two young grandchildren made the trip with us. Read more...

Real Romance

By Dee Walmsley on Feb 1, 2012

Valentine’s Day conjures up images of Hollywood-style romance. But when it came to the marriage proposals of these local seniors, asking the father’s permission, getting down-on-one-knee and saying those four little words “will you marry me?” were seldom the reality. Read more...

The Play's The Thing

By Anny Scoones on Feb 1, 2012

Victoria’s modest but highly professional Target Theatre is performing a play that offers the gift of understanding and insight into the world of dementia sufferers, their families and caregivers. Read more...

Cat Tales

By Dee Walmsley on Dec 1, 2011

After moving to Surrey, Marlene Smith discovered her patio was a magnet for stray cats, leading her to a rewarding volunteer experience. Read more...

Not Too Late

By Kevin McKay on Dec 1, 2011

Volunteer Janine Reid joined the Gogos campaign to help raise awareness and money for grandmothers in Africa raising their grandchildren. Read more...

There Goes My Heart

By Frank Glew on Nov 7, 2011

My heart took off like a rocket! It went missing the moment I became a papa. Nana and I were over the moon with excitement peeking at him for the very first time. Read more...

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