Victoria Natural History Society Presentation

South Vancouver Island

Wed. March 24th, 2010 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Oil, even in very small amounts (chronic oiling), can kill marine birds. The Birds Oiled at Sea (BOAS) Program aims to estimate the number of marine birds that come into contact with oil at-sea and seeks ways to reduce the likelihood of interactions with oil. The problem is a tricky one because the source of oil on the ocean is very hard to track and, further, if a bird is oiled at sea it may never be found because of variable winds, currents, and eventual sinking of dead birds. BOAS works closely with Bird Studies Canada, who monitor many beaches for dead birds, and with Transport Canada to gauge ocean traffic by aerial surveys and monitoring of the ocean surface using radar based on satellites. Dr. Pat O'Hara will outline the BOAS program with emphasis on our work on the British Columbia Coast. Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend and a coffee mug.

Cost: Free Category: Speakers & Seminars
Location: Room 159 of the Fraser Building at the University of Victoria More Info: Jennifer Ellenton

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