Passionate Lives: Frank Desiderio, csp, Paulist priest and executive producer

South Vancouver Island

Thu. April 22nd, 2010 7:00pm - 9:00pm

About Frank Desiderio, csp (Thurs. Apr. 22):

Frank Desiderio is a Paulist father and former president of Paulist Productions. He has executive produced over 25 hours of television including the recent documentary, The Big Question: A Film about Forgiveness.

Fr. Desiderio is also Chairman of The HUMANITAS Prize, which awards television and film writers whose work entertains and enriches the viewing public.

He received a BA in English Literature from University of Maryland and later earned an MA in Communications Management from USC Annenberg School for Communication and an MA in Theology from Catholic University of America.

Prior to television ministry, he was a parish priest, campus ministry director at UCLA, radio producer for Paulist Communications and director of the Paulist Seminary, St. Paul's College in Washington D.C.

Net proceeds from Passionate Lives go to the Queenswood Bursary Fund, which enables lower-income guests to attend programs that they otherwise couldn't afford. It's our belief that programs which support spiritual, mental and physical wellness should be available to everyone. With your help, we make this possible.

Regular Rates:
• 1 ticket for dinner and presentation: $25
• 1 ticket for presentation only: $15

Cost: $15 Category: Speakers & Seminars
Location: Queenswood - 2494 Arbutus Road, Victoria, BC More Info: Stefan Jonsson

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