Lecture Series: Passionate Lives

South Vancouver Island

Thu. January 14th, 2010 5:30am

Passionate Lives is a monthly dinner series at Queenswood featuring guest speakers who share inspiring stories and dialogue with people seeking to be part of positive social change.

Edwina Gateley is a poet, theologian, artist, writer, lay minister and modern-day mystic and prophet. In this presentation, Edwina Gateley will share her joys and struggles in responding to God's call to make a difference in the world, from the Africa desert to the bars and brothels of the American inner city. With Edwina, we'll reflect on how faith and prayer lead us to discover the power of the Holy Spirit at work in the contemporary world and in our own hearts.

Cost: $15 dinner / $15 Lecture Category: Speakers & Seminars
Location: Queenswood, 2494 Arbutus Rd. Victoria, BC More Info: Stefan Jonsson

250-477-3822 ext223
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