Employer Pension Plan Seminar

South Vancouver Island

Wed. November 4th, 2009 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Is your Employer Pension plan Safe and Secure? Is the Employer stable? Attend the seminar and hear from a professional who keeps up to date on these type of plans, the changes, the challenges, and the education required to make informative decisions if you go to pension. Timing is everything when it comes to careers, if you are making a career change, or if your workplace is downsizing, different choices are available with different consequences. Don't rely on co-workers to know all the details. Take the steps to educate yourself and understand your pension plan. The latest group of employees is Can West Communications who are now challenged in collection of their pension plans and severance packages. OUCH

Cost: Free Category: Miscellaneous, Speakers & Seminars
Location: Lower Level University Heights Mall, rm 202-3980 Shelbourne St More Info: Lorna Davies

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