Elders Forum - Elders and the Environment

BC Lower Mainland

Mon. November 9th, 2009

BC: Elders Forum 2009
Mon, November 9, 9:30am - 3:30pm
Vancouver Public Library, 350 West Georgia Street (map)
Keynote Speakers:
David Suzuki, Co-Founder, David Suzuki Foundation — "A Vision for Elders "
Peter Robinson, CEO, David Suzuki Foundation — "Grounds for Hope - What's Working" Miles Richardson, Director, David Suzuki Foundation — "Elders' Role in First Nations' Communities" Concurrent Interactive Workshops:
Workshop 1: "Elders Making a Difference" - Ann Naymie If we consider the economic, social, political impact we have as elders in today's society, who (what) is a model citizen in our environmental world? Based on our experience and wisdom what are the ethical decisions we need to make to be role models in the 21st century?
Workshop 2: "Making the Human-Nature Connection" - Bob Worcester Modern urban dwellers find themselves disconnected from nature in a world of malls, media and mechanism. Re-establishing connections to life-giving nature at a deeper level is one of the gifts environmental work can bring to people. What is your experience of the natural world and how does it affect your daily life?
Workshop 3: "How Elders Communicate with Other Generations" - Marks McAvity The secret to the value of elders in society depends on their capacity to communicate though the generations of the human family. How can that be enhanced in modern society with its relative "class by age" structure? What do we as elders have to say? How can we get the "ear" of others?
Workshop 4: "Spirituality and the Environment" - Sallie McFague What is spirituality for the planet? The poet Robinson Jeffers says that we should "fall in love outward," with the world, rather than "inward," with ourselves. For some people, spirituality if about the individual—how I might live serenely and happily. But what would a "communal" spirituality be—one that was good for the planet and all its creatures?

Elders Forum Purpose: To address the urgency of environmental issues and to inspire all elders to involve others, so that meaningful action will occur on the issues.
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Cost: $25 Category: Outdoor, Speakers & Seminars
Location: Alice McKay Room, Vancouver Downtown Public Library More Info: Bob Worcester

604 874 5847
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