Country Gospel Music SundayFest

South Vancouver Island

Sun. June 27th, 2010 2:00pm - 8:00pm

Country gospel originated as a blend of early mountain music, cowboy music and the music from the plantations of the Deep South. It is sung by blues, jazz, country and folk and even rock artists. A full and exciting lineup of performers is being presented at the 1st annual Country Gospel Music SundayFest, Providence Farm, Duncan, June 27, 2010 Headlined by Salt Spring Island's Alan Moberg, inducted into the BC Country Music Hall of Fame.

These uplifting songs are ones we need to hear today, in these hard times. "FARTHER ALONG, we'll know all about it, FARTHER ALONG we'll understand why" goes the comfort of the old gospel tune. Or in the famous old standard, "When trouble surrounds us and evil comes/ The body goes weak and the spirit goes numb/ When these things beset us, God doesn't forget us/ He send down his love on the WINGS OF A DOVE".

But there's more comfort in such songs such as SATISFIED MIND. "Once I was winning in fortune and fame/ Had everything I dreamed of to get a start in life's game/ Then suddenly it happened, I lost every dime/ But I'm richer by far with a satisfied mind."

Alan Moberg's 15th CD, FARTHER ALONG also includes"This Could be the Day" which has already attracted an entirely new following. Set to 4-part harmony, it has been sung in choirs from Chattanooga, Tennessee to his beloved British Columbia by the Mennonite Men's choir of Abbotsford.. See the DVD at and to read more about the man and his music.

contact for the Festival: Lorern Stubbs

Cost: Donation Category: Fairs & Fests, Music
Location: Providence Farm, Duncan More Info: lorern stubbs

250748 6006
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