bolting brassicas

South Vancouver Island

Fri. June 4th, 2010

For one Performance Only! The Bolting Brassicas Marching Band and Friends Circus show!

Live from Lasqueti Island: Performing two sets of Balkan Gypsy and Klezmer Marching Band music with Circus Performances and followed by three DJ Music sets. 

Fresh from their successes at Honk Fest West Marching Band Festival in Seattle and Ederlezi Balkan Music Festival in Vancouver: 

For one show only in the big city before returning once more to their candlelit cabins in the woods!!! Victoria's Sunset Room will rock and thump when a 14 piece Brass and Percussion Marching Band from the untamed wilds of Lasqueti Island are let loose to wow Victoria!

The Bolting Brassicas Marching Band are a street-side ensemble that play a stirring catalogue of Balkan Gypsy and Klezmer tunes which are happy and danceable!

The Story of the Bolting Brassicas:

The story of the Bolting Brassicas from Lasqueti Island is not the story of your everyday Balkan Gypsy Klezmer Marching Brass Band from any remote community . . .   

The story of the Brassicas is a heartwarming tale of struggles met and adversities overcome by a ragtag gaggle of stalwart musicians from a remote Island where the fine trappings of culture, like espressos, electricity, soap and Blackberries, are hard to come by. 

Our story began with a candle-lit meeting over hot cups of nettle tea on a cold, rainy night in a little cabin with future band leaders Pachiel Smith and Jacob King. Jacob had just taken an inspirational road trip to Honk Fest in Boston, a marching band festival. While listening to a few CD's he had picked up, they came to hear the essence of their their own souls echoed in the joyful exuberance of the Roma, the wandering Gypsies, and the proud and hopeful Klezmer music of the Jewish people. They mused at how amazing it would be to form a Brass Band on small, remote Lasqueti Island and to play this music from the other side of the world. They thought how funny and stunning it would be for people to witness a full brass band march out of the woods like some sort of carnivalesque apparition from a Fellini film. Permanently shelving their ubiquitous guitars, they set out to accumulate and master enough brass instruments for a Marching Brass Band, as well as to accumulate enough passionate bandmates to bring their dream to fruition: to form a Marching Band on a remote island. Eventually, their fledgling band had fourteen members who would put down their pitchforks, wash their hands and pick up their instruments to perform at local community events.

Fast Forward a few years: The Bolting Brassicas have now catapulted themselves from the woods and into festivals and concerts all over BC and Washington and has developed a worldwide following online. They have quickly become known as an amazing band not to be missed!

Media on the Bolting Brassicas:



In the Seattle Times:

Videos from Honk Fest West in Seattle:

Videos from the Ederlezi Balkan Music Festival in Vancouver:

For More Info:
Contact: Pachiel Smith 
Telephone: 250 240 0914

Cost: $20 Category: Music
Location: The Sunset Room, 401 Herald Street corner Store Street, Victoria, BC More Info: Adam Enright

250 2404036
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