Bike Ride

South Vancouver Island

Sat. July 9th, 2011 – Sun. July 17th, 2011 3:30pm - 8:30pm

>What is Bike Ride?

Theatre SKAM's annual summer project Bike Ride is an outdoor live performance festival event that is suitable for the whole family. Bike Ride is a series of short shows presented along a 4km stretch of the Galloping Goose Trail.

>That's Crazy. How does Bike Ride work?

The audience arrives at Cecelia Ravine Park. There is a Hub of activity here- eco-conscious bike decoration, healthy concessions, ethical merchandise and box office tents dot the landscape of the park. Riders buy a ticket, decorate their bicycles and then proceed to an open courtyard area where they are met by a team of audience wranglers. At regular intervals, in groups of twelve, audiences are dispatched on a tour with a map of the relevant stretch of the trail. Each tour takes in three shows and returns to the Hub. Performing companies repeat their short shows several times a day for these small audiences aboard bicycles. Audiences may see up to four tours (12 shows) on one admission. Between rides they enjoy smart food and surprise bursts of entertainment that emerge from the environment of the park. Towards the end of the event, a favourite local band takes to a small stage to play a 75-minute set that wraps up the days event's.

>Who performs in Bike Ride?

SKAM curates Bike Ride. It is a festival of new short works by top local performers who have been selected through a formal submission process. Each of the short shows is different and the range of performances encompasses comedy, spoken word, dance, story telling and musical theatre. Audiences on a tour are likely to take in a dance piece, a storyteller and a comedy- or a performance poet, an opera singer and a murder mystery. The performers have all worked locally as professional artists in places like Craigdarroch Castle, Atomic Vaudeville, and Butchart Gardens.

>This event sounds big, but I've never heard of it.

Bike Ride is now in its third year. Theatre SKAM has worked to develop this project carefully over the last two years and we are confident that this year will make a bigger splash. We have been especially careful to make sure that the event functions well. We know the event works and we know we can handle large crowds

>Bike Ride sounds messy.

Like many people who regularly use the Galloping Goose, we also consider ourselves stewards of the trail. We have worked with city and regional officials, community groups, and other professionals to ensure the footprint of the event is ecologically sound.

Combining green concerns with critical social culture, it only seemed natural that our company blend two loves of Victoria residents: cycling and live performance.

Cost: adults $15 | kids under 10 FREE Category: Art, Dance, Fairs & Fests, Music, Outdoor, Theatre
Location: Cecilia Ravine Park (475 Burnside Rd. East) More Info: Ericka Bold

250 386 7526
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