Bamberton Mystery History Tours

South Vancouver Island

Sun. July 4th, 2010 – Sun. September 26th, 2010 11:00am - 5:00am

Bamberton is one of the province's most important historical industrial sites - but it's still a mystery to most. Since 1911, gates and warning signs have discouraged the casual observer from discovering the fascination of the Bamberton site. Clinging to the steep mountainside between the Malahat Drive and the picturesque waterfront, this once-active cement factory, port and company townsite quietly waits to open it's gates and reveal it's past.
Your tour begins at the original site manager's house which now holds the Historical Society's museum. As you travel down the old main street of town to the waterfront your guide will stop at several points of interest including the original quarry that extends over 1,000 feet into the mountainside

"It's an eerie feeling walking past the old home sites, its like going back in time. Our tour guide grew up at Bamberton and his stories really brought it to life, you expected the villagers to still be around the next corner,"

Visitors will also have an opportunity to watch a specially produced movie called Bamberton Gone But Not Forgotten. Using historic photos, movies, and recorded interviews with former residents and employees it tells the compelling story of this unique community that went from Dust to Bust!

Cost: $10s Category: Fairs & Fests, Outdoor, Theatre
Location: Bamberton 1451 Trowsse Rd. Mill Bay BC More Info: Maureen Alexander

250 743 9196
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