Alan Moberg Country Gospel at St. Luke's Anniversary Series

South Vancouver Island

Sat. November 6th, 2010 7:30pm - 9:30pm

St. Luke's Church, Victoria, celebrates its 150th Anniversary, with a special Concert Series. Alan Moberg, has been inducted into the BC Country Music Hall of Fame. Like many of his country heroes, Alan also has always loved singing country gospel. Below are some of the songs on this "Farther Along" CD. FARTHER ALONG This uplifting collection of songs are ones we need to hear today, in these times, in the New Depression. "FARTHER ALONG, we'll know all about it, FARTHER ALONG we'll understand why" goes the comfort of the old gospel tune. Or in the famous old standard, "When trouble surrounds us and evil comes/ The body goes weak and the spirit goes numb/ When these things beset us, God doesn't forget us/ He send down his love on the WINGS OF A DOVE". But there's more comfort in such songs such as SATISFIED MIND. "Once I was winning in fortune and fame/ Had everything I dreamed of to get a start in life's game/ Then suddenly it happened, I lost every dime/ But I'm richer by far with a satisfied mind." And in Moberg's original LET SOMEBODY LOVE YOU: "It's been a hard road, the one you've been walking on/ There's been so many days you didn't want to face the dawn/But you've got a friend, like a light at the tunnel's end/ So reach out your hand, yeah, just reach out your hand and/ Let somebody love you till you can love yourself/ Till you can stand alone lean on someone else/ Let somebody hold you till you let go of yesterday's pain/ Let somebody love you till you can love yourself again." And lastly, Moberg sets beautifully to music the words of SERENITY PRAYER God grant me the serenity To accept those the things I can't change And the courage, oh yes the courage To change those things That I can And the wisdom To know the difference Oh, yes the wisdom To know the difference This is a prayer of deliverance This is a prayer I'd like to live by Seeking God's will for me One day at a time Moberg stepped out of the sixties and started recording with London Records. FARTHER ALONG, his 15th rlease, has this country/Folk artist acknowledging the powerful influences in his life. There's been no separating country and folk since Johnny Cash introduced Kris Kristofferson at the Newport Folk Festival. And like his heroes, Alan Moberg has walked the long hard road of life and known when to ask for a helping hand. Many of these songs have had a fascination for folk and country and blues singers through the years. The collection also contains songs of the folklore of the Alcoholics Anonymous movement. Anyone who's ever been to AA will know the concept of Kristofferson's "One Day at a Time". Or Moberg's "Let Somebody Love You". And they will be moved to hear the arrangement Moberg has put to the official prayer of the AA movement in "Serenity Prayer". With age comes wisdom, and FARTHER ALONG includes some hopeful original material. In fact, "This Could be the Day" has already attracted an entirely new following. Set to 4-part harmony, it has been sung in choirs from Chattanooga, Tennessee to his beloved British Columbia. A long-established prison ministry has chosen the piece as their theme song. See the DVD at The collection is also filled with old gems: the achingly beautiful "Scarlet Ribbons", "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain",and "Memories are Made of This". Moberg's melodic voice reaches into people's souls. Alan sings and listening hearts respond. Audiences love him. You will too.

Cost: $15.senior/students $13 Category: Music
Location: St. Luke's Church, Saanich, Cedar Hill Cross Road More Info: Peter Parker

250 477 6741
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