Aikido and Conflict Resolution

South Vancouver Island

Wed. April 21st, 2010 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Experiencing the martial art Aikido can support you in resolving conflict at work and home. Join Byron MacIntyre M.Sc. RCC, an experienced counsellor and practitioner of Aikido for a thoughtful and playful exploration of how the Aikido can be a resource to you and your clients.

Aikido is a defensive, non-violent evolution of Japanese martial arts that embodies an ethic of nonviolence and conflict resolution. As a metaphor it has informed the work of mediators such as Stephen Kotev and Judith Warner, therapists such as Marsha Linehan and Stephen Gilligan and change management consultants such as Peter Senge. This session will offer you an opportunity to learn and feel the principles of Aikido that have inspired so many teachers and alternative dispute resolution practitioners.

Aikido is a martial art and as such has self-defense applications. However, for most of us conflict rarely becomes a physical confrontation, and just like we were taught by Mom or Dad we can "use our words" to resolve our daily minor disagreements and our occasional major conflicts. Yet for some of us on a regular basis, and for all of us once in a while, conflict triggers the classic fight, flight or freeze reaction and in doing so undermines our ability to stay present and effective in our efforts to resolve the disputes.

In our time together you will also gain insight into how the physical practice of a martial art, and Aikido in particular, can foster equanimity in the face of disputes and promote our ability to respond to each situation as it arises in more appropriate and effective ways.

Byron is Registered Clinical Counsellor, a Violence Prevention Trainer and black belt in Aikido. This event will include a brief demonstration of Aikido by members of the Victoria Aikikai, a non-for-profit Aikido Dojo. For directions to and information on this Aikido Club you can visit

Cost: Donation Category: Speakers & Seminars
Location: Victoria Aikido Centre 690 Sumas St Victoria BC More Info: Jodi Williams

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