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Episode 1

Segment 1: Laughter Yoga

Gene Furbee, 70, teaches laughter yoga. He discovered it, after his wife had a stroke and during a walk they stumbled upon a Laughter Yoga class happening in Beacon Hill Park. After participating in the class, his wife said "You have to learn how to teach this." He, then, embarked on becoming a certified Laughter Yoga instructor.

Segment 2: Reflections of Red

Al Greenwood is a clown that entertains children as Fizzlepop and entertains adults with his impression of Red Skelton. He has 30+ years of experience entertaining as a clown and professional actor (stage and film) across Canada and internationally.

Segment 3: Armed with a Paddle

Dragon Boat racing has grown to become a sport for all ages and seniors are finding it to be an excellent sport to get involved in for exercise and socializing. Introduced in 2007 to the BC Senior Games as a demonstration sport, Dragon Boat racing is now the largest sport in the BC Senior Games.

Segment 4: Victoria Ballroom Dance Society

There are a number of amazing seniors actively dancing, teaching and competing with the Victoria Ballroom Dance Society. Two particular seniors are in the late 60's and mid 70's and are founding members of the VBDS. When facing retirement, the couple worked to become certified ballroom dance instructors.

Episode 2

Segment 1: Garden City Wanderers

The Garden City Wanderers, a Victoria based Volkssport Club, take us on an energizing walk along the Victoria downtown waterfront, while sharing their stories of international adventures.

Segment 2: Fitness at Saanich Recreation

Saanich Parks and Recreation leads the way in accommodating seniors via their active lifestyle programming and facilities. Tour Commonwealth Place Recreation Centre as we discover the special features and programs that make the Centre “age-friendly.”

Segment 3: Martial Wellness

Ken Marchtaler, Chief Instructor of Warrior Martial Arts demonstrates how a holistic lifestyle incorporating “Third-Age” Okinawa Karate allows seniors to maintain their health and stay active as they age.

Segment 4: Freedom of the Road

Members of the Cross Canada Cycle Tour Society (CCCTS), a social cycling group for retirees, take us on a scenic ride as they share their passion for recreational cycling.

Episode 3

Segment 1: Damali Lavender Farm B&B

In this inspirational story, Dave & Marsha Stanley and business partner Alison Philp, share the giant leap of faith they took to bring the picturesque Damali Lavender Farm B&B, their successful working lavender farm, bed and breakfast and winery into fruition.

Segment 2: Artist in Residence

Angela Au Hemphill is an impressionist painter who works in watercolors, oils and acrylics. She has won awards for her works in all mediums and has a passion for sharing her craft and inspiring others.

Segment 3: The Art of Celtic Storytelling

Mary Gavan is an award winning Celtic storyteller who has woven together a wonderful and fulfilling new profession to keep her active and engaged in her Vancouver community during her retirement years.

Segment 4: Serving Customers, Serving Friends

Senior entrepreneurs Ann and Alan Newman have no intention of “retiring” from business anytime soon. Owners of Ann’s Island Photography this couple funds their retirement adventures producing postcards, greeting cards, souvenir fridge magnets and bookmark displaying nostalgic Vancouver Island scenery.

Episode 4

Segment 1: Fit For Adventure

Vic Lindal senior adventure seeker, personal coach and motivational speaker shares some tips on using visualization to create your preferred future. Vic also emphasizes the importance of exercise and emotional wellbeing and his passion for “out-of-the-box” fitness adventures that help him to stay young at heart.

Segment 2: Underwater Adventures

Senior divers from the Underwater Archeological Society of B.C. (UASBC), the largest diving group in B.C. ,explore the hidden treasures and cultural heritage of shipwrecks along the west coast.

Segment 3: For the Love of the Game

Alison Murdoch, senior amateur golf champion demonstrates how age has actually refined her skill and reignited her passion for this lifelong sport.

Segment 4: Life at Sea

Avid sea kayaker, and retired teacher Doug Alderson turned his passion for the ocean into a second wind career as a kayaking guidebook writer, which eventually evolved into a third wind career with the Auxiliary Coast Guard.

Episode 5

Segment 1: Renewal of Life at Providence

Farm Providence farm is a working organic farm dedicated to restoring the spirit and skills of those with physical, mental and emotional challenges. The farm provides innovative programs in Horticultural Therapy and vocational training.

Segment 2: Changing Lives

Harry Caine is the mastermind behind Canada’s first outdoor Senior Wellness Park located in Tsawwassen’s Winskill Park. A retired pharmacist, Harry believes that by eating well and exercising regularly, that many seniors can significantly improve their overall health, at any age.

Segment 3: Stage Presence

Marylee Stephenson is a force to be reckoned with. She is Vancouver’s only 68-year-old lesbian comic with a PhD.

Segment 4: The Road Home

John Pippus is a musician who’s performing career has been booming since retiring from his job as a videotape editor. John’s eclectic style has been described as “acoustic soul-folk, rough and ready blues, with ballads, pop and new country intertwined.”

Episode 6

Segment 1: Busking For Life

Downtown Victoria is well known for its talented busker scene where there are a handful of senior buskers who make a respectable living performing and entertaining. Most of these buskers are real characters that have extensive musical talents and a long history in the busking community.

Segment 2: Creating A Photo Legacy

Ted Grant has spent over 60 years pursuing his passion for photography as a photojournalist and commercial photographer. He is the award-winning photographer behind the images of Pierre Trudeau sliding down the banister and Ben Johnson becoming the fastest man on earth.

Segment 3: Barrel Carving

Peter Forbes is one of three-barrel carvers in North America, and the only one in Canada. An old-fashioned (woodworking) tradesman, Peter takes pride in his workmanship, which includes jobs for wineries, restaurants, companies and individuals.

Episode 7

Segment 1: In the Fast Lane

The Old Time Racers Association (OTRA) is a group of automotive racing enthusiasts that restore cars (originally built from between 1928 and 1939) and converts them into racecars. To date the group is the longest continually running class on Vancouver Island and there are a number of seniors who lead the pack.

Segment 2: A Life of Gold

Daniel Westley’s life is an unbelievable story of triumph over life circumstances. Disabled as a teenager, Daniel’s passion to succeed has driven him to become a medal winning paralympian, a superior athlete, a community mentor, a talented sculptor and a dedicated husband and father.

Segment 3: The Vaudevillians

The Vaudevillians are a performing arts all seniors group that whose main purpose is to raise funds to support young people in the performing arts. Providing fast paced, family friendly entertainment The Vaudevillians cast ranges in ages from 63 to 90 years.

Segment 4: Birds of a Feather

Wendy Huntbatch runs the World Parrot Refuge, one of North America’s largest refuges for unwanted pet birds. Wendy specializes in rehabilitating parrots by giving them lots of love, a good diet, toys to help them learn to play, and above all… enough space to move about a feel a sense of freedom.

Episode 8

Segment 1: Model Railroading

Model railroading clubs provide a fantastic opportunity for hobbyists of all ages to stay active in their community, share their knowledge and expertise for railway history, all while providing a fun social networking opportunity.

Segment 2: A Time To Dance

Eileen Mackenzie is an active senior and an avid dancer, who takes advantages of the many different dance groups in the Vancouver area. Scottish Country Dancing is one such dance group that provides Eileen and its other members with a wonderful sense of community spirit.

Segment 3: Working With Wood

The Ladner Woodworking Club began in 1976 with a grant from the federal government New Horizons program. A number of colorful senior characters make up the membership the club, which teaches the basics of woodworking to youth, and trains members on safety and woodworking techniques.

Segment 4: Sleight of Hand

Ray Roch is 70 years old and has been practicing magic for over 40 years. His experience is rich and varied with performances in venues from private parties, cruise ships, trade shows, even fairs, festivals and rodeos. He specializes in close-up, strolling and table sleight-of-hand card and coin magic tricks.

Episode 9

Segment 1: Dream Big Entrepreneurs

Barb and Dave Rees are an ambitious senior couple who have not let money inhibit their dreams of traveling in their retirement years. Packing up their RV and selling their wares along the road this couple proves that you don’t need to be rich to travel. You just need big dreams, a lot of faith and a little luck.

Segment 2: Sporting Community

At the Pacific Indoors Bowls Club (in Vancouver) sport and socializing combine to create a dynamic atmosphere of fun and wellness. Lawn Bowling is a great place to meet people, enjoy competition, participate in social events, get-together and most importantly to have fun.

Segment 3: Having A Riot

Nearly 70, Bill Reiter is trying to retire from his extensive career in the Canadian and BC entertainment industry, so he can further pursue his passion – New World African Music. Under the name DJ ZigZag bill now hosts an online radio program and has become an avid user of computer technology to celebrate music and entertainment.

Segment 4: Creativity, Soul and Self

Carrie Nelson shows us how she turned her passion for gardening into a thriving business at Silver Sage Nursery located near Shawnigan Lake.

Episode 10

Segment 1: Life Unexpected

Walter and Bertha Frankoski are self-taught artists using their retirement years to pursue a variety of creative passions of their choosing. Wally has won a number of awards with his detailed landscape paintings and unique hand carved works. Bert explores nature and wildlife through oil and acrylic painting, as well as moving into new frontiers on her computer. For this couple their passion for art, nature and new technology helps to keep them active and engaged in living.

Segment 2: A Natural Artist

Ilsoo Kyung MacLaurin didn’t know she had an artist inside waiting to be released until she was a senior on the edge of retirement. In 1998 decided to take an introductory art class for something fun to do and by the second lesson the instructor was asking her if she had painted before…and thus began her multi-media career in art.

Segment 3: Better With Age

Patti McGregor is a triple threat-performing artist who also just happens to be senior. She plays guitar, keyboards and sings, performing both in a one-woman show and as part of duo called Canadian Suburban. As well as being a talented musician Patti is also an avid pickle-ball player. Pattie claims that her “life is like wine – I get better with age!”

Episode 11

Segment 1: Art In Nature

Robert Bateman has dedicated his life to art, ecology and the preservation and appreciation of nature. Robert is 82 years old and has spent almost his entire life painting. Accolades for his artwork are overwhelming. His passion for the planet Earth and the natural work is extreme. Robert current goal is to bring youth, educators, artists and the outdoors together in hopes of creating a society that is empathetic to and inspired by nature.

Segment 2: Classic Boats

The Cowichan Valley Wooden Boat Society (or Cowichan Maritime Centre) began in the 70’s as a boat building school. It has since evolved into a museum that not only contains maritime historical artifacts for public viewing, but offers workshops and classes on wooden boat building, as well as hosting a “marine way” which caters to the hauling and cleaning of wooden boats. A number of local seniors play a vital role in the Centre’s commitment to the restoration and repair of wooden marine craft, and preservation of history and the heritage of B.C.’s maritime past.

Segment 3: FiredUp! FiredUp!

Contemporary Works in Clay is a group of ceramic artists who come together each year to hold an annual exhibition and sale of their art (at the end of May) at the Metchosin Community Hall. The artists involved are all professional ceramic artists each with a unique approach to the craft. There are 11 full active members involved in the group and all of them are 50+ years of age.

Segment 4: BC Senior Games (Overview)

The BC Senior Games is an annual multi-sport event, held in different communities across B.C. each year. With over 3500 senior participants and hundreds of volunteers, it is considered the largest organized games in B.C….And the spirit of camaraderie runs deep.

Episode 12

Segment 1: Oldtimers Hockey

NHL professionals and amateur senior hockey enthusiasts share their passion for this popular Canadian sport, while demonstrating that when it comes to hockey you are never too old to play.

Segment 2: BC Seniors Games (Honoured Athletes)

The 25th Anniversary of the BC Senior Games held in 2012 in Burnaby, also marked the 25th year of competition for 11 amazingly active and inspiring seniors. Whether you are a spectator, volunteer or participant this is one annual seniors event you don’t want to miss.

Segment 3: A Stones Throw

The Jonanco Hobby Workshop is a Vancouver Island secret, tucked down the back roads of Nanaimo. Built in 1974 by John Colwell and other rock hounds, the workshop is a dedicated space for members to pursue a variety of hobbies. There are over 50 members, both men and women (many seniors), that use the workshop for hobbies such as pottery, carving, lapidary, stained glass, quilting, silversmithing, casting, Danish wool art, woodworking, basket weaving, and knitting.

Episode 13

Segment 1: Saving the Coton De Tulear

After experiencing a tragic accident horse riding, Diane Benaroch decided it was time to pursue a new passion. She began breeding Coton De Tulear puppies, only to discover a tragic genetic mutation in the breed that can result in a neurological disorder causing puppies to be born that are never able to walk. Taking a controversial risk Diane brought this disease to light and as a result has become the west coast representative for the Canadian Coton De Tulear club.

Segment 2: Life in Flight

The BC Aviation Museum is dedicated to preserving aircraft and artifacts of importance to Canadian and British Columbian aviation history. Operated by a group of dedicated volunteers, many of whom are seniors, the museum collects, restores and displays aviation artifacts and is a known tourist destination for aviation buffs coming to the island.


Segment 3: A Life of Travel

Jane Cassie, travel writer for Senior Living Magazine and contributor to a number of other publications, ventured with the Senior Living On Location production crew to scenic Salt Spring Island. The trip revealed a little insight into what life as a senior travel writer encapsulates, while showcasing the wide variety of travel options available to seniors.


Segment 4: Grandmothers for Africa

The Victoria Grandmothers for Africa are a local group of 150+ grandmothers and “grand-others”, that work to raise funds and awareness for the Stephen Lewis Foundation and it’s Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. This campaign supports African grandmothers who care for their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren. Since the groups inception in 2006 they have raised over $470,000 for the Foundation.

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