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Hit the ice with amateur and professional senior hockey players, celebrate 25 years of active living with honoured athletes from the BC Senior Games, and get crafty with an inspiring group of Nanaimo senior hobbyists.(Episode Twelve)

Segment 1: Oldtimers Hockey 

NHL professionals and amateur senior hockey enthusiasts share their passion for this popular Canadian sport, while demonstrating that when it comes to hockey you are never too old to play.

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Segment 2: BC Seniors Games (Honoured Athletes)

The 25th Anniversary of the BC Senior Games held in 2012 in Burnaby, also marked the 25th year of competition for 11 amazingly active and inspiring seniors. Whether you are a spectator, volunteer or participant this is one annual seniors event you don’t want to miss.

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Segment 3: A Stones Throw

The Jonanco Hobby Workshop is a Vancouver Island secret, tucked down the back roads of Nanaimo. Built in 1974 by John Colwell and other rock hounds, the workshop is a dedicated space for members to pursue a variety of hobbies. There are over 50 members, both men and women (many seniors), that use the workshop for hobbies such as pottery, carving, lapidary, stained glass, quilting, silversmithing, casting, Danish wool art, woodworking, basket weaving, and knitting.

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