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Join us as we meet a pair of married senior artists who have created new careers for themselves at 80, delve into one multi-media artist’s passion for the world around her and sit back and enjoy the music and comical wit of artist Patti McGregor. (Episode Ten)

Segment 1: Life Unexpected

Walter and Bertha Frankoski are self-taught artists using their retirement years to pursue a variety of creative passions of their choosing. Wally has won a number of awards with his detailed landscape paintings and unique hand carved works. Bert explores nature and wildlife through oil and acrylic painting, as well as moving into new frontiers on her computer. For this couple their passion for art, nature and new technology helps to keep them active and engaged in living.

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Segment 2: A Natural Artist

Ilsoo Kyung MacLaurin didn’t know she had an artist inside waiting to be released until she was a senior on the edge of retirement. In 1998 decided to take an introductory art class for something fun to do and by the second lesson the instructor was asking her if she had painted before…and thus began her multi-media career in art.

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Segment 3: Better With Age

Patti McGregor is a triple threat-performing artist who also just happens to be senior. She plays guitar, keyboards and sings, performing both in a one-woman show and as part of duo called Canadian Suburban. As well as being a talented musician Patti is also an avid pickle-ball player. Pattie claims that her “life is like wine – I get better with age!”

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