Entrepreneurs for Life

Join us as we explore the world of photography with renowned photographer Ted Grant, introduce you to a barrel-loving artist with a signature twist, and hang out with a group of senior entertainers who have chosen busking as their way of life. (Episode Six)

Segment 1: Busking For Life

Downtown Victoria is well known for its talented busker scene where there are a handful of senior buskers who make a respectable living performing and entertaining. Most of these buskers are real characters that have extensive musical talents and a long history in the busking community.

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Segment 2: Creating A Photo Legacy

Ted Grant has spent over 60 years pursuing his passion for photography as a photojournalist and commercial photographer. He is the award-winning photographer behind the images of Pierre Trudeau sliding down the banister and Ben Johnson becoming the fastest man on earth.

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Segment 3: Barrel Carving

Peter Forbes is one of three-barrel carvers in North America, and the only one in Canada. An old-fashioned (woodworking) tradesman, Peter takes pride in his workmanship, which includes jobs for wineries, restaurants, companies and individuals.

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